Che Che Che Changes.


FYI, This glass of water is not for my teeth, Putzl. Just to drink; water rocks. 

Hey out there. Things are slowly winding down and the big day first day back at school is approaching. I am so excited about that. I love studying, university life and libraries! My brother left (sniff), le husband left (sniff, sniff) and I am getting ready for University. It is strangely quiet in the house while I type this. Nobody is drinking beer and I am not even in the mood for wine these days; or to go outside alone to sit by the river because it is just not the same without the people I love. 

After we dropped le husband off at the airport today [Ottawa Airport is the best airport I have ever been!], Petit Joel and I discovered our neighborhood more with the stroller. We filled the fridge with fresh local groceries (blueberries forever!), bought a small blueberry pie (duh!) and headed to the playground. He is so exhausted at this point that he did not ask for his watch, compass, calculator, tiny cars and keys – all those things he usually takes to bed. He simply passed out with his father’s flashlight in his hand. Cute. I love nights like this. At the playground I met Kathy, her two kids and husband just because Petit Joel played with their three year-old son the most. We hit it off from the first couple of sentences. For me, it is not easy to find other cool parents to hang out with. Many moms I met so far just talk about the shape and size of their kid’s poo, or baby yoga classes that they really needed to sign their three months old baby up for. Boooooring. Plus, I still have a brain, too. I read, I do things other than baby/toddler or whatnot all day. We will definitely meet again at the playground, for coffee or cake and just enjoy each others company while the kids play. She even lives very close by. Yay! First friendship in Canada: established. 

While I chased Petit Joel all over the playground I realized that I need to work out again. Not crazy, but I want to get rid of a couple of pounds I put on while traveling and enjoying life too much. I feel okay, but exercising regularly and eating healthier again simply makes me feel better.  I want to get in shape again, fitter and be outside as much as I can. Canada is just too beautiful to stay inside. [This sentence might change as soon as winter comes around, but I seriously doubt it] I also want to sleep better, drink more water to stay hydrated [whenever I don’t drink enough water, my skin is so dry it is insane] and stay away from alcohol. With the new semester approaching, I want my brain to be clear and focused and just take better care of myself. 

I was inspired to cook healthier and cut out meat completely for a while, when we visited the local organic health food store today. This store is like a small farmers market with fresh local groceries. I am researching local farmers market and any other organic food store around here. So much fun to explore. [And yes, I do miss le husband’s awesome BBQ nights at the Chalet; YUM] 

Whenever it comes to changes, I won’t completely deprive myself of all indulgences that make life fun, you know. It is really about moderation and balance. So my goal is to pay attention what I eat during the week. Lots of fresh, nutritious food. No sugar, alcohol and such. On weekends or special occasions I will have my two (three) glasses of wine and I will also sink my teeth into some fries and a burger when I go out with Petit Joel.  It’s life and splurging once in a while is fun. 

I would like to gain overall strength and be tones all over to just feel better inside and out. I realized how good I felt running after Petit Joel. Also my brother and I had this awesome basketball match for 1 1/2 hours. Whenever I focus more on my body and health I feel how much calmer I am. I also have way more energy, am happier and more productive. So I will finally publish this book I am working on. 

I am signing off for today and enjoy this sort of lonely evening with a good book that I bought at my new favorite, independent bookstore.  You all have a great (long) weekend. 

Je t’aime mon amour. I miss you so much. Counting the days, counting the days. 

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