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I’m Daniela. Sometimes Raw is full of things I love: thought, research, minimalism, health and holistic nutrition, books, and all these little special moments I want to remember forever. I earned a Master’s in Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies and am currently enrolled at the University of Vienna in the Ph.D. program in English and Linguistics. I recently published my second book.  Do you want to know more? Read Forty Things About Me

Get in touch with me: danielahenry81@gmail.com


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  1. Hi Daniela, I was reading your blog and I see you'll be in Kinshasa soon! I'm also living there! I would love to meet you when you're here :) Greets!
  2. Liebe Daniela Ich lebe 9 Monate des Jahres im aegypt Sinai und habe einen Roman über die gescheiterte Revolution 2011 geschrieben. Ich bin dir dankbar für eine Rezension. Es ist ab sofort in allen dtsprachigen Buchhandlungen auch in den USA erhältlich. Titel: Elvana Indergand, "Amr Rabiah". Rezensionsex gratis bei: autorenservices @bod.CH unter Angabe deines Status und Adresse Lass von dir hören! Lge
    1. Hi Elvana. Ich kann den Text leider nicht finden. Schreibe dir aber gerne eine Rezension :D Schick mir doch mal den link unter info@sometimesraw.com lg Daniela
  3. Hi Daniela, When are you leaving? If you come to NYC before your departure, please come with your son to our house for dinner. How long are you going for? Say hi to Jean. Bisous, Philippe.
  4. Hey, Daniela: I tried to text you but I don't think it worked. Please send me your email address and/or new phone number: I have a question for you! Thanks, Joanne

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