.Forty Things About Me.


  1. I love myself and listen to my body. If you are not enough for yourself you will never be enough for someone else. I live in the here and now. 
  2. I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) and graduated from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Ottawa, Canada. 
  3. I am very proud of my brother Thomas Weiss who has his own business. 
  4. I was born and raised in Coburg/Germany. I always wanted to move somewhere else, somewhere bigger, somewhere nicer. So I moved to Würzburg, then Munich, New York City, and Ottawa/Canada. But deep inside I love the peace and quiet that a small town brings after having lived in so many big cities. So I bought a house in the countryside of Austria. I have the feeling I arrived and I do not want to move ever again. Now, I am the garden girl. 
  5. My family in Germany means everything to me and comes first no matter what. 
  6. I am a former German Federal Police Officer. 
  7. I don’t mind getting older. I enjoy every second I am able to experience and learn something new on this planet.
  8. I learned that life is too short to waste time being stuck in something that leads to nothing or just to a routine that you deep inside detest but just do for the money. 
  9. I love to people-watch and observe. 
  10. I love to put my hand into flour. But also into a bag of lentils. 
  11. One of my favourite movies is Vie Heroique with Serge Gainsbourg. I watch it at least once a month. 
  12. I live in Vienna and work for UNOV. 
  13. I will never get married again or have another child. One is MORE than enough! 
  14. Divorce is not the end of the world. Life goes on! 
  15. I only have a handful of real friends. However, I do consider a lot of people my friends. 
  16. I was in a Volleyball team, Handball team, Swimming team, and Karate team when I was a child. In 4th grade, I received an award for being the best athlete in the entire elementary school. The plaque still hangs on the wall in that school. 
  17. This song makes me really happy. I can listen to this on repeat for hours. 
  18. I love pasta in every variation.  
  19. From the first time my son sat up on his own I had this feeling that I want to tackle him. Very strong kid! 
  20. I am a huge fan of Eckart Tolle. I have a copy of his book “A New Earth” next to my bed. 
  21. I love to read. A lot! 
  22. One of my favourite ghost stories is The Turn of the Screw by Henry James.  Some of my favorite authors are Allen Ginsberg, Haruki Murakami, Ernest Hemingway, and Philip Roth. 
  23. I love to sleep. 
  24. Studying language was always the thing I wanted to do for a living but I ended up becoming a cop and resigned years later to study linguistics and languages. 
  25. Writing is my passion. 
  26. I do not drink alcohol or smoke. 
  27. I lived in Ottawa/Canada for three years. 
  28. I love being a woman but I think that men have it easier on so many levels. Pregnancy and birth are just two!
  29. I have a bunch of tattoos and I don’t regret any of them. 
  30. I had a bunch of piercings and took all of them out; except one. 
  31. I love to make smoothies in the morning for breakfast. Easy, fast, healthy and so yummy. 
  32. I love building things with my son. We both have a pretty awesome imagination.  
  33. I adore Mischa Schenkel’s artwork. I think he has a lot of talent.
  34. Current obsessions: minimalism. 
  35. I don’t watch regular TV. I just have Netflix. 
  36. Currently, my favourite places are: Coburg (Germany), Vienna, Italy, Hawaii, and Cancun 
  37. I wouldn’t want to live without my son. 
  38. How I stay sane: Spending time with myself, in nature, travelling, reading, photography, art, writing or doing nothing and just listening to my breath
  39. The advice I can give: Be 100% sure and listen to your gut if you want to get married to this person! 
  40. I have no clue about math or statistics. Like zero. My brother requested that I add this one! 

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