The Book Review: How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can by Amy B. Scher

Hello and Happy Sunday! 

“Everything about well-being sits firmly on this very simple rule I have learned: You must become who you really are. You must bet the real you. That means to love, accept, and be yourself no matter what. I truly believe that straying away from and separating from your inner being, or who you really are, is the root of discontent. You are not in need of self-help; you are in need of self-love. The only thing yo need to do is find yourself, and stay there.” 

Just a quick Hi from me, late on Sunday to finish this week with a couple of lines about an interesting book I read a while ago. First of all, the Reiki Seminar I attended blew my mind and was way better than expected. I learned so much about myself, about how to deal with certain situations better and how to mentally grow. Thank you le husband for this amazing gift for my upcoming birthday. It was slightly different than getting earrings or perfume and such [I am not so crazy about those things anyway!] and worth so much for me. If you are new to the whole Reiki thing but interested, I would suggest you get in touch with me and I will tell you how to connect with SEHES in Rödental/Germany. I cannot say too much about the seminar because there are no words for how fantastic this experience was. One has to feel and learn for themselves when ready. Thank you again, Martina and Uwe! 

When I was totally new to energy healing and Reiki I searched for books and explanations. Throughout this search I found Amy B. Scher’s book How to Heal Yourself When NO One Else Can – A Total Self-Healing Approach for Mind, Body & Spirit. Again, if you want to familiarize yourself a little idea about this topic, this book is a great start. Be Happy, Be Free, Be YOU! You learn a bit about energy, as well as self -and body healing. Also what it means to surrender, accept and flow when it comes to a true healing process. It is important to identify blockages that might be there and search for answers in the subconscious mind. Another chapter I enjoyed was to learn the language of my body. [The SEHES in-depth seminar covers all this a lot better and so much more!] 

It is and was important for me to change my relationship with stress and certain experiences that have been ingrained in my life. Also, according to Scher to “transform unhealthy emotional patterns and address fear”. You will learn many insights and encouragements while creating your unique map for healing. This book offers lots of solid information with many helpful exercises written in a clear, understandable language. 

Isn’t it great to eventually come into alignment with who you really are one step at a time? I love to discover new things – especially when it comes to my own person – and to figure out who I really am. 

Order your copy here. Below is a great thought-provoking video by Amy B. Scher if you would like to see. Enjoy and have a great week! 

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