Five Things.

Hello and Happy Friday! 

It rained the last couple of days here in Germany and I can understand why the death rate in Norway is so high. No sun for days – just grey sky, wet and rain. I started to write this post earlier and the power went off, followed by a plethora of thunder and crazy lightnings. The candle was my life saver, hah! I remember the last storm when I was alone with my son in Connecticut. What “saved us” initially was a tiny turtle on a key chain with a flash light in its mouth. He held onto this thing forever and that particular night when I read him his bedtime story, the power went off. Complete darkness. The street lights, other houses, pitch black. So together we walked back down in the kitchen to get some flashlights. Le husband always tells me that I have to be prepared for events like this. So I am – because he makes sense. That night we finished the bedtime story with a flashlight and it was so nice. Tonight I got myself all comfy after I called the neighbors to ask them if they have no power either. Got my book, the candles, a glass of wine and approximately five minutes (at the most!) later, the light went back on. Gotta love Germany. When it comes to stuff like that, things just work. Fast, reliable. In any case, I put my book to the side, leave the candle burning and of course continue with my glass of wine. Enjoy this weeks Five Things.

Reading: Le husband is back to work and travels so I was alone with my son this week. Tons of time to read at night and even during the day. My son is officially hooked and loves to sit next to me to “read” as well. So cute. I read Martin Walser’s Ein fliehendes Pferd and loved it. What an amazing book. It is a novella and read in a couple of hours but so enjoyable. I read his latest book and even went to the reading but was not too impressed but this little novella blew my mind. I re-read Sabbath’s Theater by Philip Roth and could read it again and again. [Thank you, Heinz for sending it so quickly!] I finished Joshua Becker’s More of Less: Finding the Life you Want under Everything you Own.  The book review will be out on Sunday. Stay tuned for that. Currently, I am reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that can’t stop talking by Susan Cain. Great so far. 

Watching: I re-watched one of my favorite movies Limitless. Have you seen it? It is so good. “I was blind, but now I see” – Eddie Morra

Discovering/Learning/Wanting to Mention:  If you like design and art check out the Coburg Design week. It started on May 31st and ends on Sunday, 5th of June. If you plan on going there with a child I would plan the visit in the morning; then it is nice and empty. The cocktail bar is outside under a roof so you won’t get wet. There is also food and great artwork to purchase.  If it might ever stop raining here in Germany, there are several places to lounge around and relax, too while sipping your red wine and looking at your new ring. 😉 



In the afternoon you could stop by at The British Corner in Coburg close to the Market Place. I have been there with my friend Lisa and we enjoyed cream tea, scones, clotted cream and marmalade. Also child-approved.


If you are looking for a family oriented café where you don’t have to constantly make sure your child is not throwing down dishes, cups and takes shelves apart, you should visit Café Babbel. I have been there with my son today. Review will follow soon! Great place with a fantastic outdoor play area that is gated so these little rascals stay inside while I am on my phone with free wifi access and drink a chai latte in peace. 


You need something new to read? Check out my friend Heinz’ online antiquarian online bookstore. Here is the link to his  Amazon website.  More than 18.000 books to chose from and very fast, reliable and efficient shipping.

You love tattoos as much as I do and are looking for a clean and professional place in Coburg to get your first or tenth tattoo? Visit my friend Melanie from Stick to your Skin Tattoo.  I love her work and got tattooed by her myself. Needless to say, I love my tattoo and think about a new one since I saw her the other day. She follows her passion. Review on her tattoo store next week! 12376635_1359225824103134_131844632432027880_n 13174204_1386573608035022_7257802181869199760_n

Looking forward to:  Watching The Art Bastard. Sounds fantastic! And this one: The Lobster with Colin Farrell. I am also looking forward to traveling to Canada, Cancun and touring the US on a big Grand Canyon tour. Yay! Life is good! I know, I am fortunate and damn lucky [while I knock on wood]

Thinking About: A lot. I met two of my extended family members again that I haven’t spoken to or seen in over seven years easily because of some “family issues”. I ran into Andreas a couple of weeks ago at the supermarket and they invited my son and I for coffee and cake. It was a great afternoon. Good talks, issues resolved. Moving forward and of course staying in touch. Life is too short. I did a lot this past week and talked to many friends about relationships. Read my latest article to get some insight. I thought for a while that it would be a nice thing to plan a class reunion. I have never had one and the idea of getting as many people as possible from my graduation class in 1998 together at a restaurant was what I planned. I found many – almost all of them! Most of them on Facebook, others through friends. The feedback I received was somewhat disturbing. Not even five were interested in a class reunion because they told me that they basically do not care about the other former classmates. Well, I tried. I still think it is a great idea to see what everybody is doing. 

What have you been up to? Have a great weekend. 

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