Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Evening.


Today started out weird and I almost lost hope for humanity again. Even though I am overall getting better at maintaining a positive attitude, today was just a day I am not sure what happened. One person was able to change my perfect good mood to angry and frustrated in just a few minutes. As a woman I can go through approximately fifteen different moods in one day – ask my husband. He usually wonders how this is even possible but sometimes something happens that is just overwhelming and makes me feel strange. I have to add that the Reiki Seminar I attended is very helpful and I highly recommend it! I did learn a lot and mood swings are somewhat under control. Somewhat…. 😉 

Sometimes there are just so many things on my mind and I want them all done, solved or to happen right then and there. Patience is a virtue, I know. But  I just don’t know where to start and the ideas keep coming and coming. I am pretty organized but most of my thoughts are thrown all over the place. It usually takes a while to sort them all out. I thought about writing a book for the longest time and I finally started it. Yay! I am still working on Chapter 1. One thing after the other I guess. All I need to do is to remind myself that love is the most important thing. When times get rough I tell myself that I need to chill; that I am here, right now and that everything goes as planned – somewhat in the most unplanned ways imaginable. 

I know that everything I love is right here and that it is okay the way it is. I don’t need to stress-out. Whatever I want to accomplish I can go and make it happen. Now, that this post is mostly about rambling, I want to mention one more thing. Advice!  People love to give advice all the time. Do this, do that but don’t try this. It usually does not matter if you indeed ask for advice or not. You just get it. If you pay attention to it you will realize that we do received a ton of advice almost daily – some good and some bad. If it is instructions, guidance or simply information, it is constantly out there. How do we decipher what is helpful and what is not? One great advice I have been given is, “Have the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you.” Does this seem like common sense to you? And of course to “Not sweat the small stuff”. I think it is important to let the little things go. Like the woman from this morning. I just let her go, smile and move on. And I stop giving advice unless someone wants to hear it. It feels like being in an elevator. You know what I mean? They have the power to silence you. 

Thank you for reading my blog.

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