Parenting 101 – or I don’t know what I am doing either.


“Parenting isn’t a practice. It’s a learning experience.”

Do you have the feeling sometimes that you are doing this parenting thing all wrong? I talked to parents and some said  they don’t know what they are doing either which makes me feel instantly better. Sometimes however I lay awake in bed and think it all over and wonder if I am doing a good job with my son. All the stuff I am preaching here – I mean, is it all enough? Then there are other days when I think that I have it all figured out. I am doing it and I am doing a great job! This happens here and there. My son is almost two years old now – and as he is learning to be a two year old I am learning to be a mom of a two year old. And yes, everybody on the playground keeps on telling me about the “Terrible Two’s!” And how difficult this will be… and I have to deal with so much from now on especially in stores. Well, we are both learning. He is my first child so I am experiencing all these things together with him and I believe it is all a learning process. 

Parenting is an awesome fascinating thing. My husband and I made this little munchkin and I feel in awe that we created him and he has so many qualities from both of us. Sometimes I worry because he has a quick temper at points – as I have. Or that he has too many emotions and it seems he is thinking and analyzing everything all the time. But this is what it is all about. We see ourselves in the children we raise. We learn from them and maybe become a better person ourselves. 

It is so weird because I feel that I was meant to be a parent my entire life. I never wanted to have kids but this is definitely my thing. Whenever I look back to my life before it feels that it was okay but something was missing all along. These past two years with my son were the best time of my life. They felt like a million bucks but they are gone in just an instant too. Isn’t it just amazing to grow these tiny humans, form them, teach them and be in this position to call them “yours”? 

Not every day is happy sunshine and I have to admit that some days really suck. Sometimes my son gets up on the wrong foot – as we all do at points. These little guys have bad days too. So I am aware of it. Every day is unique.  You think you have it all down? Well, guess what? Tomorrow life throws you another curveball. This is just how it is. I enjoy the wonderful days – they are magic. And I try to remember them when times get rough. These magical days are what keeps me going; these special days when I curl up with my son on the couch and we watch Disney Channel at night covered up with a blanket before he goes to bed. Or being all snuggled while reading. When he kisses me good night and tells me he loves me makes my heart melt no matter how bad the day was.  I guess we have to have these hard tough days sometimes to get us back to the magic. So we sort of don’t kill them. 😉 We simply keep learning and keep it all going – and we stumble and get back up. Day in and day out. All we can do is adjust our little sails and continue. And what else do our kids teach us? That we are all here for the first time and try to figure it all out. Exactly like them. And if we just do the things we love that everything will be just a-okay in the end. 

Five Things.


It is Friday again and my son and I were pretty busy during the week. The most important thing however is that my husband is finally back home! He made it safe and sound and we picked him up at JFK Airport on Thursday evening. Now the world is a-okay again! My son and I were busy cleaning the house, doing laundry and went food shopping so I can cook something nice for my family. I just wanted everything to be perfect when he is back. It was the best feeling to be at the airport to pick him up. My son ran towards him and was so excited. I usually hate airports because there is always this weird mixture of anxiety, sadness and happiness that is present at ever corner. (“Valley of tears” – Frankfurt Airport). This anticipation when you stand in the arrival hall and wait and wait and people-watch and then out of a sudden the person you are waiting for comes out – priceless. Especially if it is my husband after all this time. Here are my five things I want to share. 

Thinking about: The other day I was at Calf Pasture Beach with my son. We spent almost five hours there because it was nice and warm and he had a blast with a bunch of other kids building sandcastles and collecting shells. Ripka’s Beach Cafe just closed when my son asked for “Pommes bitte” so I needed to find some food fast.”Fast food” 🙂 My first thought was our favorite diner in Norwalk – The Post Road Diner. which never let us down. So we had been seated and waited for our food as an elderly well dressed woman walked in. The waiter directed her to her seat which was right behind us. She walked by and smiled at us; kept on walking and came back and stared at us. When I asked her if I can help her she started to cry and said that my son looks exactly like her son who died 20+ years ago. I told her to sit down with us and talk a bit. She ended up telling me the entire story always staring at my son. Then she got up and said: “Good bye Ben, I will see you again on the other side”. Definitely my weirdest time at the diner. 

Watching: The woman at the diner recommended to watch the movie: “Heaven is for Real” which I did and cried my eyeballs out. Very sad story about a near death experience of a little boy and you guessed right – he looks like my son. My mom recommended a movie on ARTE – “Zuhause in der Wildnis” which I loved. It is about a German woman who married a Native American. They have four kids and live in the wild of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in which seems total isolation and seclusion. The movie is in English/German but also available in French. 

Reading: The usual. A ton. Now that three book houses started sending me books to review I am constantly seen reading. I love it so it is all good. Here are the books.

Order the books here: “If I fall, If I die” by Michael Christie,  “American Housewife” by Helen Ellis (only pre-order. The book will be released in January 2016 and “M Train” by Patti Smith. 

Enjoying: Life and my family. 

Traveling: To Cananda next week. There is this really nice place in Quebec; quite some miles away from Montreal but sooooo worth it. Here is the link. The owners are renting completely furnished cottages at the waterfront. We spent the first couple of days there after my son was born. Yes, he is Canadian. 🙂 We stayed at the “Piccolo Cottage” which was an awesome experience. There is plenty to do here in Connecticut but to spend a couple of days at this beautiful place in Canada beats is all! 

We stayed at the “Two Pines Cottage” when our son was five days old and woke up to this view every morning. 

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend. 

Tips on how to survive a road trip with a toddler.


“I was surprised, as always, be how easy the act of leaving was, and how good it felt. The world was suddenly rich with possibility.”  ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

The writer in me I guess chose a quote by Jack Kerouac’s great novel “On the Road” to start this post. If you have never read it I highly recommend that you do. Let’s get to the bottom of this road trip story I want to share. A couple of days ago my son (almost two years old) and I needed to drive to a garage to get our car checked out. It turned out that this specific garage was approximately 64 miles away. One way no less – so it is a mini road trip. My family totally is into long road trips driving all the way up to Canada but these tips I will share work well for any road trip – even smaller ones. My son loves being in the car and does not mind long road trips; however, he can get pretty annoying at points when he is bored, hungry, wet or all of the above. I want to share a couple of tricks and tips how I survive a road trip with my son and make it as comfortable as possible for everybody in the car. 

For us, timing is important. My son loves loves loves to sleep. He sleep currently from 8:30pm until 10:00am without waking up and crying once. (Lucky me for the time being, right?!) So I try not to schedule anything for before 10:00am obviously. The key is to make your child as comfortable as possible – meaning if you can avoid it, let them sleep and schedule the appointments in the afternoon for example. This way they are not fuzzy and getting up on the wrong side of the bed. Then again, if your baby sleeps well in the car simply plan your time with their regular nap time or sleeping cycle. For the road trip to the garage I left two hours earlier simply because of all the traffic, stops, diaper changes etc. You never know. Plan accordingly and keep in mind that you need to stop and make a break. I can drive easily four hours straight without stopping whenever I am alone. My son needs to walk a bit and stretch his legs after driving for 2 hours. 

I always change my son’s diaper before we leave. On this note, make sure to bring enough diapers and wipes!!!! Nothing worse than to run out of wipes!!!  I don’t need a changing table for him while on the road. I simply change him on the backseat which works fine for us. If you do need a changing table, make sure you plan ahead and see where the rest areas are with somewhat clean bathroom and available changing tables. Also bring a set of extra clothing for the baby. Bring some garbage bags or ziploc bags for diapers, dirty clothing etc. 

Make sure you bring enough snacks. My son is into apple juice for quite some time now so I bought these from Trader Joe’s:

They come with a little straw and he loves them. So I always bring a couple of those and keep them in the car just if you are stuck somewhere longer than expected. You should also have at least two bottles of water in the car at all times and some snacks for yourself (Road Safety 101 my husband would say!) As far as snacks, I usually bring sliced apples and some crackers/pretzels in a ziploc for him to nibble on. When he gets really hungry I have to stop obviously. 

I always make sure I take some toys. He has toys that he loves and one stuffed little fox that he takes wherever we go (My sisters’s son Pauli has a stuffed clown called “Siffi” that needed to come along at all times as well!) I never thought I would ever do this but we bought an iPad headrest mount. My son loves to watch Peppa Pig and Maisy Mouse, and lately anything Disney Channel, so I downloaded some of the episodes and I put it on for him whenever he does not know what else to do anymore. Usually he is fine just looking outside the window. (yeah, my son is pretty awesome!) 

This is all we take on a small road trip and so far we had no problems. Is there anything else you would take? Feel free to share in the comment box below. I would love to know how you handle road trips with your toddler(s). 

Safe and sane travels. 

My take on: Diane Arbus.

“You see someone on the street, and essentially what you notice about them is the flaw. ” –  Diane Arbus

There are so many great photographers out there and I wish I knew a little more about what I am doing with my camera so I will sign up for photo classes. One of the photographers I admire is Diane Arbus. I saw one exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art a long time ago and ever since I wanted to know everything about her. I read “Diane Arbus: A Biography” by Patricia Bosworth which was a great way to gain more inside on how Diane lived, felt and worked back in her days. I also purchases “Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph” by Marvin Israel and Doon Arbus (Diane’s daughter) This book is just a great collection of some of her artwork which I love to look at. Have you ever heard anything of Diane Arbus? I will give you a little insight so you can get a picture (ha!) of what she is about. 

Diane (pronounced Dee-ann) Arbus was born in 1923 (Diane Nemerov) to a wealthy Jewish family. She was raised with her two siblings in the rich neighborhood on Central Park West and stated once in an interview that “I grew up feeling immune and exempt from circumstance. One of the things I suffered from was that I never felt adversity. I was confirmed in a sense of unreality.” Her mother suffered from depression and her father was never at home due to a very busy working schedule. When Diane was 13 years old she met Allan Arbus who was an employee in their parents’ store. They fell in love and married as soon as she turned 18 years old.  Allan studied photography to become a fashion photographer while Diane stayed at home with their two daughters Doon and Yolanda. Upon his graduation he started his business and Diane helped him style the models and was more in the background supporting him. Diane grew more and more unhappy with this position in her life and Allan bought her a camera. She was bored by fashion photography and fashion for that matter and left her husbands’ business to start looking for something else to photograph. First they separated professionally and then also decided to separate personally. They remained friends however. 

She took little jobs here and there and found what she loved to do the most – to take pictures that nobody else did before.Pictures of anything that was seen surreal or ugly by general society. Arbus stayed at a nudist camp for example to take pictures, transgender people, giants and dwarfs or disabled people. What I love the most is that she would spend hours talking to these people to make them comfortable and then take their pictures usually at their home. She never changed or arranged anything. The way they presented themselves to her naturally –  this is the picture she took. From this point on she became famous quickly and had exhibits in several museums throughout the country. She did not care too much about her fame however. Diane suffered from severe depression (like her mother) and committed suicide in July 1971 at the young age of 48 years old. 

Once you get familiar with Arbus’ photography you will recognize her art whenever you see pictures by her. Another famous photograph is called “A Jewish giant at home with his parents” that I really like: 

I believe all her art is simply amazing to look at. Sometimes I wonder why all these people let her do this. Why did they let her go home with them and take these sometimes very private pictures? She took many pictures of retarded and otherwise mentally disturbed people in mental institutions at points. Who let her take those and why? I guess we won’t find an answer. 

“Arbus waits for the moment of fullest expression of disability: she shows people who are slack-jawed, vacant, drooling, uncoordinated, uncontrolled, demented-looking. She does not flinch from the truth that difference is different, and therefore frightening, threatening, disgusting. She does not put herself above us — she implicates herself in the accusation.”

There is also a great movie about her life called “Fur” which is very well done and gives you more insight of her life. Go check it out! In a way she was a freak herself. Her life, her depression and her suicide but oh so great at the same time. Let me know if you know her and what you think. Also if you decide to study her further. Thank you for reading. 

What examples do you set?


“Children close their ears to advice but open their eyes to example.” 

I do not know much about parenting but I know that this statement above is very true. My son is almost two years old now and he copies whatever he sees I do. But listening to what I tell him, fuhgeddaboudit. I know that my husband and I have to prepare him for life from the minute he was born. I do love to have this opportunity in my life to teach him right from wrong and all these valuable lessons I once had been taught. My son soaks up all these values we live by; how we work, how we clean, what we do on a daily basis and most importantly we serve as an example in his life that he can trust us unconditionally. 

To teach him that the little things in life are important and not materialistic possessions is key for us. We teach him that it is not important to have the coolest, hippest clothes; that there are other values in life which are way more important than what he wears. He will know that the key to happiness is not how much you own and we will teach him the pursuit of happiness. However, there will be a time when he will be out there exploring, wanting things but if we lead by example in living a content life with less possessions and more happiness because of it he will see that it is possible to do without X,Y and Z. I hear all the time from friends that the kids throw tantrums in the store, scream and cry because they want to get something. My son is good so far. No tantrums yet and I hope it stays that way. He does not have many toys; he has enough let’s say but loves to play outside with dirt. Go figure. 

We are in control of our lives and we most certainly don’t have to live like everybody else. My son is not old enough yet to understand all this but he will realize that things are different in our family and home. Our lifestyle allows him to travel the world but to live minimalistic so to speak. He travels with his little suitcase and explores with us as long as is able to before school starts; this way he can enjoy being a globetrotter together with his parents from a very young age on. I think these are great examples to set. It is not complicated to take him anywhere at this point. He is an awesome travel companion. 

I want to lead by example in showing him that we do not need to buy everything we see or like. I want to teach him later on that we still don’t buy certain things even though we do have the money. A lot of stuff we purchase is  useless if you really think about it. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t let my son run around in garbage bags and let him play with two sticks and a rock. 😀 Now that we go to the playgrounds regularly I think it is important that he learns to share things with others. He has to learn that it is not all about him and if he has two apples he can give one to the other kid. I want him to grow up in a clean environment and not a dirty messy house. So every evening when we ate dinner we play for a bit longer and clean up together before I bring him to bed. It works fine so far; sometimes he even starts to clean on his own. 

Lastly I want to emphasize how important it is to spend time with my son. Just to BE with him you know. Not on the phone, not doing something else, just listen to him and give him my undivided attention. Of course this is not possible all the time and I do love my new iPhone but just think about it while watching this video. “Sometimes we have to disconnect”. Thank you for reading. 

The environment my son grows up in.


“I knew that when I met you, an adventure was going to happen.” – Winnie the Pooh. 

We are big on exploring these days. Nothing is safe basically -we try it all. My title picture has been taken in Canada and the land you see is ours. We purchased it a couple of months ago and will start building on it soon. Projects over projects but I am very excited about it and maybe will even share bits and pieces here. 

Today we ran some errands in the city of Norwalk’s “business district”. Well, the police department is there, banks, the main library and whatnot but it is also a nice area with a park that stretches all the way down to the river. There you can find little cafés and bistros to grab a quick bite which we did; walking and exploring all day gets you hungry. We stopped at “Chocopologie” . I would recommend this place highly for a nice romantic Sunday Brunch because of the variety of food choices they offer especially for breakfast/brunch. Of course I ate the French Onion Soup. My son had a portion of fries which were not greasy but nice and crunchy. There were some chocolate samples on display that made our eyes sparkle. We sat at the window to people-watch which we both love. For some reason people seemed happier than usual, more content and less stressed out. It might be due to the change of season that is imminent now that everybody steps on too many leaves on the ground. 

Just about before our lunch arrived an elderly couple walked by. Hand in hand and the man made sure that his wife did not walk too close to the road. This made me think how lucky I am, hoping that I will walk with my husband side by side all the way till the end. There was so much more to see. A dog walking a woman, people talking loud on the phone and then our food arrived and we ate. For dessert I had a coffee which tasted awesome (good coffee machine at the café) and we shared a brownie. To die for! 


We walked through another park to the Norwalk Public Library.  Before we entered my son needed to climb up some statues in the park. He is terrified by these performing artists with their customs on who sit still for hours and as soon as you drop a coin in the hat they suddenly move and sometimes make weird noises. Terrified! Well this was just a real stone statue that he touched almost to make sure it is not moving. We do go to museums as well even though he is not two years old yet. If I want to go and see an exhibit he comes along. Simple as that. He grows up with art (all over, in the parks, streets, on walls but also occasionally in museums) and I am happy to be able to raise him like this. I don’t try to force him in any direction, this also goes for reading. He sees me with books constantly so he picks up books and “reads” next to me. We go to libraries and bookstores together and he loves it. I try to emphasize his creativity simply by giving him the options. Whatever he does with it later on is up to him. My son grows up in a place where he can witness all these examples of what this unconditional love is that I have for his father and he will be able to explore without fear for himself what this all means when the time comes. Isn’t it just a beautiful amazing thing? Just again, one of those perfect days. 

Five Things.


Hello there and happy Friday. Can you believe it is already October? There were still some days with really warm decent weather this week but you can feel change is in the air. I actually turned the heater on in the kitchen because it is just uncomfortably chilly this evening. The nights are getting colder and I find myself more comfortable with a cup of tea and my book on the couch than anywhere else really.  It is all okay though. Change is good right? And fall brings new exciting things for us. Like pumpkin spice lattes! 🙂 yum! After all, didn’t we all anticipate this change of season for so long? I have this feeling in the mornings that I want to stay in bed a bit longer because it is even cozier all wrapped up in my blankets when looking outside and seeing a bunch of grey and rain lately. The breezy air in the evening yesterday made us run home from the playground to a  nice hot bowl of soup. This is the time when you need to pay attention and listen to your body to not get sick. Make sure you have this comfortable cozy sweater handy. This is what we have been up to this week. 

Working: On this website a lot. I knew it was not going to be easy to set up my own website but I did not know how much time is actually involved if you want to make it look nice. It is a lot of work indeed! Besides writing daily (which was my goal from the beginning) to updating, improving and maintaining this website it is all fun and I love it so I stop complaining. As soon as my son is in bed, this is my time to work in peace and quiet. I tried to work during the day a bit but it is too much distraction. My son is all over the place, typing, deleting so I spend the time with him and focus on my work at night. Check out my website logo! You like it? 

Enjoying: My new MacBook Air. My 2010 MacBook Air died on me the other day. Well not entirely died but it began to crash and was just too slow in uploading images etc. so it was time for a change. This new one makes everything so much easier. Thank you my love. 

Listening to: These days I am listening to podcasts quite a lot. I am a huge fan of This American Life  and follow their stream for years now. It is free and easy to download on iTunes. (My favorite episode is still and for all “Break-up”) The other day I discovered Spilled MilkThis podcast is about food, cooking and is just really funny because of the hosts; the writer/comedians Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton. As they state on their website “We start with a food-related topic, from apples to winter squash, and run with it as far as they can go—and, regrettably, sometimes further”. 

Reading: I am excited to announce that I will be reviewing books for five book companies in the near future posting the reviews on my blog (or parts of the review as far as I am allowed to) with links to their websites. They will be sending me books to review in the mail starting October 1st and then I have a month to read and write about them. This is literally a dream come true for me. Stay tuned for some great new book reviews coming up. Besides all that I am about to start “Furiously Happy” by Jenny Lawson to see what all the hype is about. 🙂 

Loving: My husband who supports me and never doubted this whole website blogging adventure. There were times when I thought “Why am I doing all this and nobody will ever read this”! He encouraged me to continue writing and to put my articles out there. He always says that I have nothing to lose but only to gain from this experience. So here I type along. 

Enjoy your weekend. And do what makes you happy. Always! 

Two days in New York City.


“Give me such shows — give me the streets of Manhattan!” –  Walt Whitman

I had a conversation with my husband a while ago about me spending a night (preferably a Friday night) at my godmothers’ house in the village whenever I am back in the States. This meant for him to be home with our son and I can be ‘free’ for almost two days. This great opportunity arrived and I was at the train station nice and early – ready to discover the city once again starting from Grand Central. What’s a woman to do when she finds herself in midtown Manhattan arriving at breathtaking Grand Central Station and has the entire rest of the day, evening, night and the next day to herself – son-free and husband-free? Go and get a cup of coffee and a muffin at Starbucks first. Then sit in Tudor City Park and enjoy my breakfast while taking everything else in. Tudor City is where my husband and I used to live; our old neighborhood, the oh so familiar smell of exhaust fumes, the craziness and constantly honking cabs on 2nd Avenue and 42nd Street. A woman unfolded her yoga mat in front of me and started to do all sort of poses not even bothered by me.  All I really wanted was some sort of quiet spot for a while to sit but of course this is nearly impossible. 

I look up and all I see are glimpses of sun here and there while I sat mostly in the shade due all the tall buildings. A familiar feeling I used to have when I lived in the city – this weird strange cold sunlight. Looking out of my window in Tudor City it struck me that it was difficult to see the stars at night so how is it even possible to dream? The city that never sleeps?

“What is this strange smell?” I asked myself.  I looked around but didn’t see anything special. Is it the smell of fall or just someone who sleeps behind the bushes on a cardboard? I did not want to find out so I moved on. I had to run some errands at the UN and stopped and chatted with my friends which I enjoyed. It was good seeing them and even though we are connected through the online world it is always better to chat in real life. 

As soon as I was done with “work-stuff” I started walking to see what had changed, what had newly opened and what closed and what was going on beyond. The city was in this felt rare state of transition preparing for fall or the colder weather at least. Everywhere in the stores I already saw the latest winter selection but for some reason it seemed that nobody wanted to let go of the warmth of this summer yet.

I prefer walking on Park Avenue. I love this contrast of richness of Park Avenue that somehow transfers 180 degrees as soon as you reach Union Square where actors and artists try to survive. I walked to one of New York’s best French Restaurant Les Halles but did not stop there this time. For all this matter I was on a mission to discover new things. I walked and walked and did not pay attention to the time anymore. It seemed I saw the whole world passing by. Women wore the latest fashion and still screaming in their phones that were put on speaker, hailing a cab and drinking a cup of Starbucks venti -venti -decaf -soy -mocca-someting-latte at the same time. It still amazes me how they do it. The entire time I thought: “This is not where I want to be anymore but I love it all the same!” I came back and it felt like I never left. Nothing really changed. Old stores got replaced by new ones; however, it seems the city does not keep moving, does not evolve. People come and people go but the city remains. I try to soak up every moment as I continued straight to my favorite bookstoreI missed it and as soon as I stepped in the magic caught me again. Like way back when after I entered for the first time. As I browsed through the isles I thought how lucky I am to have this time for myself, to explore, reflect, remember and to build great new memories. 

I purchased two books and a chocolate bar and decided to stay at Union Square to enjoy the craziness of this park a bit longer. I sat down next to a saxophone player when I opened the first page of my book but I could not concentrate on the written word. I realized that there was simply so much to look at, observe and take in so I just people-watched until the sun disappeared behind one of the buildings. It is time to meet my godmother for dinner. 

I walked and I smiled. 

My take on: Les Halles Restaurant New York City.


“In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.” ― Julia Child

Les Halles Restaurant on 411 Park Avenue South (at 29th Street) is by far one of my favorite French Restaurants when I am in New York. They have another branch downtown that I have never been to.

I simply have so many great memories when I think about this restaurant that I would love to share my take on this awesome place. My husband and I went there for the first time by chance. We walked around the streets of Manhattan; something we used to do when we had the weekends off together. Walking downtown on Park Avenue we discovered Les Halles Restaurant one day and just walked in. Me, as a France-lover was instantly in love with the decoration, the furniture, the bar and their assortment of wine along with this warm cozy feeling. It makes you want to sit down and enjoy their food and wine while listening to some French music. 

We literally stumbled upon this place and it was in the afternoon and a little early for dinner. So we decided to stay at the bar and have a bite to eat with a glass of wine and continue our weekend-walk. I remember every little detail which is so weird. We had a bottle of their house-wine that tasted a little buttery with a somewhat crips ending. Yep, this is the sommelier talking 🙂 I actually have no idea how to describe wine but this is how it tasted. The apéritif – you got to love the French- we had Ricard. This was also a first for me and drinking it on an empty stomach makes you definitely hungry for food. To feel French you have to drink it before lunch or dinner. For a late lunch we ordered two Gratinée des Halles (classic onion soup) and Frisée aux Lardons salad (Frisée, bacon, roquefort cheese) which was so simple and mouthwatering good. Especially the Onion Soup. 

We have been back quite often I must say after that. On Mondays they have the 50 Wines 50% off special so if you like wine this is the place to go. My husband took me to Les Halles on my birthday which was really special. For the first time I had Boeuf Bourguignon (beef braised in red wine) and Steak tartare (lean top round ground which was prepared next to our table). 

For anyone who loves meat and the traditional French cuisine this is the place to visit. The service was very fast and friendly, especially when sitting right at the bar. (not on a date thought hahahah) If you like Anthony Bourdainwho used to work there, you might see him stopping by just to see what’s going on and chat with the staff or maybe you. The food tastes fresh and the portions are not diner-size huge but definitely big enough. I would not recommend to go there with kids in the evening however. In the evening it becomes more of a cozy/romantic sort of place and you don’t want your little ones running around between the steak tartare preparations. This place is perfect for a date-night but keep in mind to make reservations ahead of time. 

There is no dress-code really but I would opt for business casual if you cannot decide what to wear. Overall it is this very authentic place that makes you feel like you sit in a brasserie in Paris. 

Maybe you eat at Les Halles at some point. Let me know what you think about it. 

Bon Appétit! 

Love Note to my husband 24/32

Hey my love. I have to read so many books and write reviews now, I don’t even know where to start. Things change so fast, it is crazy. Thank you for believing in me all this time. I still don’t understand how this is all happening. <3

Je t’aime. Have a safe day.