.My Dream Summer Camp.

Welcome to Dream Summer Camp, where we are here for you and your family. We offer tailored camp experiences for your child, individualized for their and your specific needs.

Camp Hours
Drop-off and pick-up times are 7:00 a.m. to whenever you need. Our camp director will work around you.

Dream Summer Camp weeks start the moment your child’s school year ends. Each week costs 100 Euro. For families with two children at camp, the sibling discount is half-price. Families with three or more kids are entitled to a financial scholarship and our deepest sympathies. For an additional 25 Euro per week, our air-conditioned Wi-Fi-equipped buses will come to your home, and a camp counsellor will help get your child dressed and out the door, before you are late for a morning meeting.

If your child is averse to the outdoors and physical activity, we provide a plethora of indoor games to wear them out. Our guarantee: they come home exhausted and ready to sleep, or we stay and put them to bed ourselves. Each week, we also offer themed spirit days—such as Star Wars Day, Guardians of the Galaxy Day, Groot Day, Crazy Hair Day, Crazy Socks Day—and supply every camper with the appropriate attire and/or crazy socks or outfits, because asking you, the parent, to do it all would be crazy.

Every day, we offer a fun arts-and-crafts activity to campers. Even better than our endless art supply closet, we have a museum-sized warehouse for all the arts and crafts our campers create. You can visit the archives when your child wants to show you their artwork, but we are responsible for storing handmade pottery, art projects made out of popsicle sticks, animal-based sculptures, and that thing made out of feathers.

Registration begins the moment you remember you have to register for summer camp. We do not offer a waitlist because every family is guaranteed a spot for the exact weeks and times you need.

What to Bring
Nothing! We provide all the essentials your camper will need, including sunscreen that our counsellors are specially trained to apply so quickly your child won’t even notice they’ve briefly stopped playing capture the flag.

Dietary Requests
Our thoughtfully prepared organic, nutritious meals are disguised in French fries, cheese pizza, and ice cream. Does your kid hate tomato sauce? Anything squishy? Snacks bought in bulk? Our fully stocked pantry accommodates every camper’s diet.

Lost and Found
If your child has misplaced a water bottle, favourite article of clothing, or that object that is suddenly super important to them, our entire camp is enchanted by an ancient spell that immediately returns said lost item to your home.

Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel, for any reason, such as your child suddenly deciding horseback riding camp is the worst idea ever, you are entitled to a full refund, a full-time babysitter until September, and one social-media-ready photo of your child at camp where it looks like they are having the best summer ever.

You are welcome.

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