My family and sharing details with the online community

I started this blog a while ago and have been thinking a lot about what I share publicly and what not when it comes to my family lately. Blogging has become a part of my daily life now. I am planning my next blogs, writing things down as they pop up in my mind, working on my actual blog to make it look nicer and believe me all this takes a lot of time. And as my readership grows it is even more of a pleasure to do what I really love the most – writing.

During the day I have to take care of my son and I just do not have the time to really sit and get things done. I have to wait until he sleeps at night or I work early in the morning. Of course I have some time whenever my husband is around to play and entertain him; however, mostly he is with me.

These days I am thinking about my son and how he grows up so fast and how he will be able at some point in his life to look back at all these articles I have written and see all these photos of him in my little online place here; all these thoughts and stories about our life. I also think what I post about my husband – what I can share and what not.

I am always aware what I post here – when it comes to actual writing or pictures. Just nothing weird or embarrassing or strange stories or inappropriate photos – neither about my husband nor my son obviously. I have seen blogs for example that show how babies are potty-trained all naked and stuff. I mean c’mon! Whatever makes anybody happy, right?! But for me there are just boundaries and things like that are just not okay for me. With my husband it is simple. He is usually proof-reading all my posts and is my best critic. But my son has really no say in all of this. He cannot say yet if he would like these picture of himself ¬†displayed online on my blog. Maybe he will get upset at some point when he is older and reads what I have written about him so far?! Maybe he will have a different level of what’s comfortable for him?

I have always had a diary of some sort and have written things down. However, my generation is really the first to do online documenting this way. When I was in high school there was no Instagram, Facebook or online blogging. Makes me sound old for some reason. ūüôā

I am figuring all this out as I go along. When I first started I had no idea what I was doing here at all. I could not even share a link. When it comes to computer stuff and technology I would say I am little “slow”. (ahem… Hello Thomas and Alex from WP Engine!) ha!

So I have been thinking about having my life, or part of my life online here, all on display for everybody to read seems sometimes weird. I do not know most of my readers personally and I guess I worry too much at points. (German!) Well, sometimes I even question the whole blogging thing. Like what happens if I have nothing to say anymore? Or am I not good enough? Or is all this even dumb or pointless to have an online blog? I could just keep a diary for myself as I used to when I grew up, no? Why do I have this feeling that I want to share my life with you out there? Then, the other day there was one email that popped up from a reader telling me that he really likes what I write about  and that he can connect with what I have to say and that it makes sense to him. So just for this one reader it all made sense and it makes me feel okay again. Simple as that.

Lately these topics just came up with bloggers writing about their family, especially kids and it just made me wonder and ask myself how my son would feel about all this because he cannot tell me yet. Am I protecting my family enough by sharing certain things and do I make anybody feel uncomfortable in the long-run? I try to keep as much privacy as possible – being respectful and careful about his little voice and keeping in mind that this is my family I write about at all times.

My husband tells me he loves my blog. For my son I hope that one day when he will be older he will love going back to this blog to read all the articles I put about him or his dad. I just hope he will love it as much as I love writing about it all.

What is your take on this topic? How do you balance it all out and where are your boundaries?

Thank you for reading. <3


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