Mother’s Day.

This morning I received an email from my mom wishing me a happy Mother’s Day. Honestly, I am not very fond of days like this one. Valentine’s Day? Hells to the no! I want to be loved, respected and treasured by my family every day and do not need anything special just because a day in the calendar tells me so. 

I had a nice chat with my sister last night about how we, as mothers, deserve props for having all these superpowers we seem to have. As a mother, I notice things differently than before. I notice when we run low on diapers for example among other things that seem to magically appear and reappear in the household. I notice that we run low on my son’s favorite apple juice, muffins, Nutella and whatnot. I am the one who notices that certain veggies are rotting in the drawers in the fridge and that bananas are getting dark spots in the fruit basket. (Damn you, fruit flies!) I get input from le husband; however, I am the person who usually stays on top of these things and this post isn’t about him. It is about me, since it is Mother’s Day, eh! I definitely have superpowers and I am seeing things. Well, not dead people but basic stuff that makes life easier. I kinda rock! 

I rock in this mother-business because I notice that we are running low on coffee, on new clothes for Petit Joel, toothpaste/dental floss, lice hair shampoo (germ infested Daycare!). I am the person who notices we are running low on jam, pasta, bananas and other food basics and life/nerve-saving snacks to survive long car rides. I am the one who has all the ingredients at all times to make waffles which is essential. I am the one who notices that we run low on toilet paper and Tylenol (the party on Friday evening lasted longer than expected). I am also the one who notices that we run low on Children’s Tylenol and Paw patrol band-aids just because. I am the one who notices we are running low on crayons, glue sticks, sparkling water colors, paint brushes and colored pencils. 

I am also the one who notices that we need paper towels, laundry detergents, sponges, cleaning supplies and dish soap. I am the one who notices that Petit Joel needs new shoes and clothes that actually fit him. And hats, mittens, and appropriate outdoor clothing for Kindergarten since it is still sort of winter here. I know when sick notes, vaccinations and annual doctor visits are due. Also when Kindergarten forms need to be filled out and payments need to be made. Even when library books are due!  

I am not the one who notices that we are running low on oil for the car. That the battery needs to be charged and the charger needs to be charged so it can charge the battery. That Netflix account and iCloud storage need to be updated and that phone chargers, flashlights, fire distinguishers and lightbulbs are handy but who cares about and needs all this, right? Back to me.  

I am the one who hears: “Mommy, Mama, Mooooooooom, Mamiiiiiiii, I can’t find/do/see [insert anything here]” all day long without losing it. I am also the one who snuggles and is always there when Petit Joel has a fever. I am the one who sees dustballs under the table and crumbs on the couch. I am the one who finds the crayons in the car under the passenger seat. Petit Joel’s wrist watch is there as well. I am the person who knows when birthday parties (actually any party) and anniversaries are due and what kind of gifts to get in advance. I am also the one who notices a rotting goji berry under the kitchen counters. These are all real observation talents that mothers usually do not get credit for. You just do it, every day, without complaining. Okay, most of the time I do not complain. Okay, I complain but did we ever run out of diapers or apple juice? Never. 

Happy Mother’s Day to me and to my Mother who did the best job ever! I love you Maaaaaamiiiiiiiiiii <3

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