The World Trough my Son’s Eyes.

I should work on my MA Proposal but then again, it is Saturday night and I had an awesome day today that I would like to share. So there was this idea to hand my son my Canon camera to explore since he always wants to take pictures. I showed him my photo album recently and all the pictures from many years ago when I noticed this flicker of interest in photography in his eyes. We played outside in the park and at the playground and I took my camera with me. He was again all over it so I thought that it is okay to just hand it to him. With precaution of course. New lease, awesome camera, expensive, him constantly dropping (expensive) things. Yeah….

I explained and showed him once how to take a picture and he got it and understood. He did not change any settings of course but he carried my camera around almost everywhere we went. He has shot ALL of the black squirrels in the park, portraits of random things, his toys, portraits of me, his food and his all time favorite: the sky, birds and people’s shoes and hands. 

Looking over the memory card today, I thought I have to publish some of his “work” here since I think it is quite amazing and I was at points awestricken. We have been to the Musée canandien de la Guerre froide (Canada’s Cold War Museum) today and they had an Easter Egg Hunt throughout the bunker which was amazing. We ended up looking at everything else but the egg; nonetheless he received his bag of chocolate eggs for “finding almost all the eggs” in the end anyway. 

I love the naive, honesty in whatever he shoots. I love his eye and his focus on random, yet for him special things. I asked him today if he is planning to do anything with all his pictures since I showed him everything he shot today on the computer. He simply replied: “I just love to take pictures, Mommy!” 

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