Five Things.

“twenty more minutes and i’ll have made it through this entire night without talking to any–
fuck, fuck, the dog sees me”

Hello and Happy Friday! 

“In the end, we will all become our stories” – Margaret Atwood. 

Do you want to see more artwork with hilarious captions like above? Visit this website.  I caught myself spending way too much time at The Toast. Great articles. Why do I spent so much time online?  It is raining in Germany. Every single day. It is not cold but unpleasant to be outside. To entertain a child inside every single day is tough but we managed pretty well. Today, we spent hours at the Indoor Playground and Petit Joel had a blast. You think he might be tired at this point – but nope. He is up, reading with his tiny flashlight; however, he is quiet. What do I have to do to get this kid tired and exhausted? After going up and down the slide over fifty times, I am done, hah! What I have been up to otherwise, read on if you would like. Enjoy! 

Reading: I re-read Sam Harris’s Waking Up which I enjoy so much. Even more the second time. If you are into spiritual enlightenment or simply want to figure out some things about you, read this book. Spirituality without religion! Currently I am reading Simple Matters by Erin Boyle. This book just adds up to a plethora of books on minimalism I have read. It is a good read for sure. Next, on my reading list is:  Empire Falls by Richard Russo. 

Watching: For some reason it is Meg Ryan-week for me. I love her. Give me any movie she is in and I watch it. Some are cheesy, but she is just cute and a great actor I think. So I re-watched When Harry Met Sally. Watch the entire in okay quality for free here.  What a great story. I also watched When a Man Loves a Woman. Beautiful! Just watch the opening scene to get hooked. 

I also watched Woody Allen: A Documentary. I love him. 

Discovering/Learning:  San Geladona Eis Shop in Coburg. You like ice cream and are in Coburg? Visit this place that recently opened at Albertsplatz 3 in Coburg for some gelato. Yum!

Hangover? We have all been there, right? Pounding headache, feeling nauseous and whatnot? I try to avoid these mornings at any cost; first of all because I don’t like this feeling and I have my son to take care off during the night and the next day. Party time is over to some regard – which I am fine with. What to do when you have a hangover? I have tried a bunch of hangover remedies over the years. Some say coffee, pain medication, Coca Cola, sports drinks or greasy food helps. Then I found out about Charcoal. Read more about it here but “activated charcoal capsules work as a digestive aid and essentially absorb dissolved chemicals (i.e. alcohol) as they pass through the body”. If you take charcoal all the time it can cause constipation. [Well, who wants to be drunk every night and take charcoal, right?]  I am not a doctor. It’s always a good idea to check with your care provider before taking supplements.

There is this great art exhibit by Katharina Grosse I would like to see in Baden Baden. Check it out here. 

Are Galaxy Desserts the next trend? 

I discovered Desa ‘Rae L. Stage, her website and photographic talents. She is amazing. Check out her website here. 

ZAZ amazing new album. Listen to it here on Spotify. If you don’t have Spotify, INSTALL SPOTIFY. 

We all know MOBY! Check out this amazing song:

His book The memoir is already on my to-read list. The band Massive Attack is amazing. Not discovered recently, but re-listened over an over again. Massive Attack – Teardrop.  

“maybe if i keep covering more of my face with my hands
he’ll forget i’m here
and go away”

Magic City – The Art of the Street. 

Thinking About: An argument I had with someone. This argument made no sense but I could not and cannot get to her at all. She has her points and fews. Maybe things will change again, maybe not. Let’s see. 

Looking Forward to: Traveling. I always look forward to traveling because it is great and makes me happy. The anticipation, packing, leaving and discovering. Canada next! I am also looking forward to see Vaxxed – The Movie. Should be interesting. 

Have a great weekend! 

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