Hello and Happy Saturday! 

I just came back home, exhausted and dead tired from playing outside with Petit Joel all day long. His best friend Julius was out with him too. Whenever these two knuckleheads are together they are up to no good. Susi, Julius’s mom and I sat outside and talked while at the same time trying to watch the kids. Not an easy task and we both agreed that we cannot feel relaxed unless they are in bed at night. Out of the blue, Susi and Alex decided to BBQ – sounded good to moi. She made a plate of Caprese salad and we sat outside and enjoyed the evening. Finally, the kids started to get tired and calmed down a bit and we all ate in peace. All this made me realize how grateful I am to be here, to have amazing friends like Susi and Alex, to be able to sit outside and talk for hours and just to be healthy. Life is good. Think about the little things in life and remember others. 

Love. Reflect. It is important to listen. Ask questions. Remember a great book or an amazing movie you have seen. Be curious, discover, explore. Memorize things. Be kind, generous, spontaneous and thoughtful. Laugh. And be able to laugh at yourself. Be smart. Read. Be funny. Smile. Smile at others but also remember that you don’t have to smile if you don’t feel like it. Be excited and friendly. Be calm in stressful situations. Be quiet. Remember how good something tasted. Be honest and confident. Take long walks. Take a camera with you. Be sure about things. Remember where you come from and remember who you are. Be sweet but not too sweet. Remember to call someone back. Stay in touch with people. Spend time with people you can learn something from. Remember great places you have been. 

Remember the neighbors cat you cat-sitted. Remember the first NYC Subway ride. Be reasonable. Remember the last time I met you. Remember the smell of roses. Remember how beautiful evening primroses look. Remember to be strong, brave and who you are. Remember that things could always be worse and then keep going. 

Have a great Saturday! 

7 Replies to “Remember.”

  1. Remember how wine taste always better in the proper "wine lounge" (with the proper cheese plate)... Remember my French Onion Soup :-)
    1. And so many other great memories ? how you picked me up from school, Bread Box breakfast "you pick me up again tonight? Aaaaaah you don't really have to!!!!!" ???
  2. Remember how wine taste always better in the proper wine lounge (with the proper chees plate). Remember the taste of my French grilled cheese onion soup :-)

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