Looking up to someone


“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”

I believe that it is important to seek out others to learn from and to admit that you do not have all the answers. I look for motivation, examples and guidance in others constantly. I love to read and I do so most of the day when I find some time with my 1 1/2 year old son. Continuous learning is important to me.

The way my son looks at my husband most of the time I believe that he just admires him. That he is encouraged, challenged and enlightened at the same time. With me it is a different story. I am around him most of the time so we are “used to each other”. My husband works in Mali and he sees him every four to six weeks. My son looks up to me as well but still different than he looks up to my husband. They have this strong bond that is just so amazing to watch. Almost as if they learn from each other – while looking at each other.

On a daily basis I choose my mentors and sometimes they choose me. It is just important to seek out for others with qualities you love and respect for your life. A good example is the relationship I have with my husband. I do not take him for granted. I am observant,  learn from him and he is my best friend. I love him so much and I look up to him. What he has done for our family is amazing. My son should have been in daycare by the time he was seven weeks old. But my husband took up on the UN mission in Mali so I am able to stay at home with my son and raise him myself. I am looking up to my husband on a daily basis for so many things. He makes me feel strong when I am weak. He gives me unconditional love at all times and he is there for me always even though he is not physically here. He is my mentor and teacher in many ways that I still need guidance.

Well, sometimes the mentors are person – sometimes they are professional. Or both! Sometimes the relationship is formal or informal.  We have to keep in mind that we are human beings who are made up of many many complex pursuits. We should always seek out to find people who are successful in a field that interests us. How they achieved it, how they maintain it, how they do in their personal life and in the working environment. Also reading books about a topic of interest, then learn about the person etc. Constantly reading 🙂

From my life experience I can say that I have learned that those who accomplish the most have done so with humility in their heart. On a daily basis we pursue influence in ourselves, in our families and in the world. We are supposed to learn form one another. I believe we cannot live and navigate this live without any mentors or anybody to look up to. It is important to admit that you do not have all the answers at times. Pride comes before a fall. Reject prideful arrogance. This arrogance will always prevent from reaching the full potential in life and work.

I know that if I want to make the most out of life I intentionally have to seek out others to learn from. “I know that I know nothing” right?

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