The Book Review: “American Housewife” by Helen Ellis.

Advance Reading Copy Disclosure: 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review. I have not read anything else by Ellis before but what drew my attention to this book the most was the cover. This does not affect my opinion of the content or the book of my review. 

“You are so bad?” is Southern Lady code for: That is the tackiest thing I’ve ever heard and I am delighted that you shared it with me. “No, you’re so bad!” is code for: Let’s snitch and bitch. “She is a character” means drunk. “she has a good time” means slut. – American Housewife, Southern Lady Code – Helen Ellis. 

If you like to pour yourself a glass of wine (or two), you love to laugh and you are basically a woman who stays at home you will love this book. This small collection of twelve short stories all talk about women who either work at home or from home. Some stories as “Dead doormen” have some dark humor and others are hilariously funny – “Southern Lady Code” for example. While I read it I caught myself saying many times that “this is so true, she is right on”. 

Helen Ellis always puts a little twist or surprise at the end of every story and the women are not who you thought they were which keeps you reading and enjoying this book so much. I definitely enjoyed the book and had a smile on my face. The book is not expected to be released until 12 January 2016 but you can pre-oder it here. I will pick up one of her other novels next: “Eating The Cheshire Cat: A Novel”. Ellis has a unique style that is at points imaginative, funny and smart and simply a pleasure to read. There will be also all sort of advice for example if you plan on staying at home to write full- time and let your husband finance it all. Ha! 

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