The environment my son grows up in.


“I knew that when I met you, an adventure was going to happen.” – Winnie the Pooh. 

We are big on exploring these days. Nothing is safe basically -we try it all. My title picture has been taken in Canada and the land you see is ours. We purchased it a couple of months ago and will start building on it soon. Projects over projects but I am very excited about it and maybe will even share bits and pieces here. 

Today we ran some errands in the city of Norwalk’s “business district”. Well, the police department is there, banks, the main library and whatnot but it is also a nice area with a park that stretches all the way down to the river. There you can find little cafés and bistros to grab a quick bite which we did; walking and exploring all day gets you hungry. We stopped at “Chocopologie” . I would recommend this place highly for a nice romantic Sunday Brunch because of the variety of food choices they offer especially for breakfast/brunch. Of course I ate the French Onion Soup. My son had a portion of fries which were not greasy but nice and crunchy. There were some chocolate samples on display that made our eyes sparkle. We sat at the window to people-watch which we both love. For some reason people seemed happier than usual, more content and less stressed out. It might be due to the change of season that is imminent now that everybody steps on too many leaves on the ground. 

Just about before our lunch arrived an elderly couple walked by. Hand in hand and the man made sure that his wife did not walk too close to the road. This made me think how lucky I am, hoping that I will walk with my husband side by side all the way till the end. There was so much more to see. A dog walking a woman, people talking loud on the phone and then our food arrived and we ate. For dessert I had a coffee which tasted awesome (good coffee machine at the café) and we shared a brownie. To die for! 


We walked through another park to the Norwalk Public Library.  Before we entered my son needed to climb up some statues in the park. He is terrified by these performing artists with their customs on who sit still for hours and as soon as you drop a coin in the hat they suddenly move and sometimes make weird noises. Terrified! Well this was just a real stone statue that he touched almost to make sure it is not moving. We do go to museums as well even though he is not two years old yet. If I want to go and see an exhibit he comes along. Simple as that. He grows up with art (all over, in the parks, streets, on walls but also occasionally in museums) and I am happy to be able to raise him like this. I don’t try to force him in any direction, this also goes for reading. He sees me with books constantly so he picks up books and “reads” next to me. We go to libraries and bookstores together and he loves it. I try to emphasize his creativity simply by giving him the options. Whatever he does with it later on is up to him. My son grows up in a place where he can witness all these examples of what this unconditional love is that I have for his father and he will be able to explore without fear for himself what this all means when the time comes. Isn’t it just a beautiful amazing thing? Just again, one of those perfect days. 

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