.Heart Emojis 101.

Blue heart, orange heart, purple heart, green heart, white heart, red heart, yellow heart, black heart… Do you know the different heart emojis, their meanings, and how to use a colored heart emoji in a text? The various colourful heart emojis are used by today’s generation almost all the time. It’s sad and safe to say that one day, we’ll be able to shorten all human interactions through technology to emojis alone!

What do the colourful heart emojis mean?

If you find yourself scratching your head and wondering about these heart emoji meanings, fear not. So I asked a bunch of text experts in my closer circle of friends about the different kinds and what they symbolize so that you can stay on top of your text game and don’t have to do a plethora of research.

1. Blue heart 💙

The blue heart emoji can be used for a variety of emotions and meanings. On the one hand, they symbolize a deep attraction. Think deep waters, mysterious oceans, and stability. This heart emoji should be reserved for someone whom you feel unfathomable depths of meaningful connection with.

On the other hand, they also symbolize something much filthier. People use blue emoji hearts to express enjoyment in sexual water sports and indicate a fetish for BDSM. 

With that, the blue heart emojis should be used with caution — you should be aware of the double meaning of this one and be attentive to the context in which you use them so that people know what your intent is!

2. Green heart 💚

Many people use the green heart emoji to show a connection with a much greener, healthier side of themselves. They express their spiritual side that feels connected to Mother Nature and an earthiness that encompasses them. The green heart is great for anyone with a green thumb.

It’s regularly used by vegetarians and vegans. Use the green heart emoji mindfully, as this heart signifies possessiveness or jealousy in relationships as well. Or used to find love on St. Patrick’s Day on various dating apps and Instagram.

3. Yellow heart 💛

The yellow heart emoji symbolizes the purity of the heart. They are synonymous with new beginnings, youth, sunshine, spring, purity, and strength. These are all great personality traits to have that you may want to express to the person on the receiving end of your texts. This heart is the simplest way of doing that.

The colour yellow itself radiates and conveys a burst of light, hope, and clarity. This emoji is the closest colour to gold, so it, therefore, means a heart of gold. Use it to demonstrate your warmth of character.

4. Purple heart 💜

This heart emoji is regularly used to portray glamour or wealth. This colour means regality and power in many countries and different cultures. It’s already an intense, rich-looking colour, so it’s not surprising that it often symbolizes royalty.

This emoji can also show your flirty, sparkling personality and communicate to your partner that you prefer the finer things in life.

I also heard that those in the military and armed forces also send this emoji to their loved ones as it demonstrates the attributes of duty, honour, and compassion.

5. Orange heart 🧡

Orange is a very strong and energetic colour. It can be very attention-grabbing, so it’s often used in advertising. However, in the digital world, the orange heart represents happiness and enthusiasm. Since orange is a controversial colour, people either love this emoji or hate it. 

The colour orange is also associated with warmth and light, so you may also send an orange heart emoji to express feelings of care and comfort. When you want to show support to your friend, send them a few orange hearts.

The emoji is also known as the coward’s red heart, as it is used when you want to send a red heart but don’t have the courage to.

This emoji is also linked to the fall as the colour of pumpkins and dying leaves. This heart emoji is most used during the Halloween season.

6. Red heart ❤️

As we all universally recognize, this classic heart is synonymous with true love. It represents passion, deep connection, romance, friendship, and unconditional love. It can be used in romantic and non-romantic situations, as it is often sent to friends and family at the end of text messages.

This blood-red love heart emoji is no doubt the appropriate heart to use to convey an all-around sense of pure love. Awe! If you want to go even crazier, send the red heart with the flame.

7. Black heart 🖤

The black heart emoji has so many meanings. It’s the perfect emoji for when you’re feeling down and misunderstood. You may see people posting emotional captions using this black heart or when they want to make a dark humour joke. Also, if you’re a goth, this is your go-to emoji.

However, the black heart is used increasingly to show support for the black lives matter movement. 

8. Sparkling heart 💖

This heart is a way to symbolize intense love or wearing your heart on your sleeve. It represents a sparkling personality out there for everyone to see. I have not used this one so far but should due to my sparkling personality.

9. Two hearts emoji 💕

The two hearts emoji is also referred to as small hearts or two pink hearts. This one features red or pink hearts, with one bigger heart at the bottom or in front and a second smaller heart up and off to the right or behind the first.

This emoji is often used to express affection, pleasure, or joy. Not only does this heart symbolize romantic love, but it can also be used for other close relationships, like family and friends. 

11. Envelope heart 💌

Some look at this emoji and assume it symbolizes a love letter or a concealed kind of love. Sadly, it’s usually just used for online payments or orders within dating apps. It can probably be used to represent something more profound, but the connotations already associated with it are almost too difficult to avoid.

If you’re interested in someone, texting them this emoji just confuses them *unless you purchase something from them*. When The Beatles first said, “money can’t buy me love”, they were probably right.

12. Bow heart 💝

The pink heart wrapped in a bow is such an underrated colourful heart emoji. This emoji conveys love as a gift. It also implies that your heart should be protected and treasured.

Send this emoji to someone you trust and feel safe around. It’s the perfect way to show your devotion and appreciation in return for this person’s affection and kindness. You know that your heart is safe in their hands, and they won’t ever break it. And if they do, call me.

13. Arrow heart 💘

This colourful heart with arrow emoji reminds us of Cupid. Cupid who? He’s the Roman god of love and is usually portrayed as a young boy with wings and a bow and arrow. 

The meaning behind the arrow heart emoji is that the sender feels such strong romantic feelings and is falling in love as if they’ve been shot with Cupid’s bow. 

It represents the beginning of a passionate relationship, aka the honeymoon phase when both of you just can’t get enough of each other.

Use this at the start of a romance to show you are crazy about them or send this emoji to your Valentine. Whoever receives this emoji will know how fast and hard you’ve fallen for them. You don’t send this heart to someone you don’t romantically have feelings for. Like ever! Like NEVER EVER!

14. Exclamation heart ❣️

This emoji is a red heart on top of a red dot, resembling an exclamation point. This is the perfect emoji to use when you wholeheartedly agree with someone. The emoji was created also to show excitement when you’re super enthusiastic and passionate about a topic.

So instead of that boring exclamation point, try the heart exclamation instead, nerd!

15. Broken heart 💔

The broken heart emoji is a red heart with a crack in the middle. What this heart represents is pretty obvious. It’s used when your or somebody’s heart is broken by a person or situation. However, this emoji can also be used as a sarcastic joke.

16. Revolving hearts 💞

Finally, on this list of colourful heart emojis is the revolving hearts emoji. This one is quite similar to the two hearts emoji, except for two small lines that indicate the two small pink hearts are orbiting each other or spinning in a circle.

This emoji tells an animated tale of love, affection, or happiness. The revolving hearts also show reciprocated love for someone.

Now you know the meanings of the different colourful heart emojis. Okay, there is also a brown heart but I mean, c’mon. Nobody sends a brown heart which could be easily mistaken for the poo-emoji. Unless you want intend to send it. Make sure you remember the heart emoji etiquette.

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