.Pet Peeves.

I am generally a pretty understanding person, but there are some things that get under my skin. You know when you are in a “mood” and then something pops out of nowhere and irritates you even further? Those are what I call my pet peeves. They are not cute or cuddly, but rather annoying. Here are just some things that really tick me off. My list of cringe-worthy moments that leave me annoyed and just….. peeved.

  • Yell sneezes.
  • Loud gum chewing and talking at the same time.
  • Chewing with mouth open.
  • Anything chewing and loud.
  • Someone cracking their knuckles and then saying, “I am pumped. Let’s do this!”
  • Extremely slow people.
  • Someone who asks for advice and does the exact opposite.
  • People who don’t replace the toilet paper roll.
  • When people read a text with a question and don’t respond.
  • When people are late.
  • When people are chronically late.
  • People who walk into the subway and stand right in front of the door.
  • People who discuss being on a diet while I am in the middle of eating something unhealthy.
  • Kids who say the food I cooked tastes disgusting.
  • People who use thousands of hashtags.
  • People who say “I mean, no offense […]” as if it downplays anything insulting they say to me.
  • People who say “literally” when what they mean is not literal.
  • People who clip their nails in the subway
  • Line cutters.
  • People who say “There are rules” for rules that can be clearly broken and nobody gets harmed.
  • People who don’t know how to get through a security checkpoint efficiently. EVERYONE knows you have to take metals out of your pocket. At the airport EVERYONE knows to take off the goddamn shoes and that liquids are not allowed.
  • When you let a car cut in front of you and the person doesn’t wave to thank you.
  • Misspelling my name when it is right there in the email staring you in the face.
  • When dog owners leave their dog’s shit anywhere but in the little plastic bags.
  • Extremely slow cashiers, a long line in the supermarket and only ONE register open.
  • Saying, “Let’s make plans!” then acting surprised when I follow up and make actual plans.
  • Misleading labels on food. Food that only pretends to be organic.
  • Gluten-free fanatics and vegans who only talk about how healthy this lifestyle is.
  • People who talk over you when you are clearly still in the middle of the sentence.
  • Passive aggressive behaviour. If you have something that bothers you or you want to say, just say or do it.
  • When you are running after the bus, you lock eyes with the bus driver in the rear view mirror, and they still drive straight past you.
  • When you open the door for someone and not only do they not thank you, they also glide straight past you as if people should open doors for them.
  • People who don’t respond when I said “good morning” to them.
  • When people repeatedly hit the elevator button, as if that will make the elevator arrive sooner.
  • People who constantly look at their watch.
  • People who are constantly on the phone.
  • Anyone with an inflated sense of their own importance. “Don’t you know who I am-people”
  • People who seal a ziplock bag without removing the air first.
  • Clapping at the end of a movie in theater.
  • The word “touché”.
  • Receiving emails from a colleague with my boss cc’d.
  • When people say “cool beans”.
  • Sponsored Instagram or Facebook feeds.
  • People who abbreviate things that don’t need to be shortened.
  • People who tell you they ate something really bad yesterday and should really stay home. Just say you are taking a sick day. Nobody needs to hear the details.
  • People who say “eh, you know” when you casually ask them how they are doing. A) I don’t know, and B) I want to know because I asked.
  • People who send emails longer than six paragraphs. Call or explain in person. Who has time to read through all of that?
  • Super fast 2-hour power point Zoom presentations. Nobody can ever focus or pay attention.

What makes you tick?

3 Replies to “.Pet Peeves.”

  1. - all of the above - People that are obviously lost, but when I offer my help, they react as if I'd just abused them. Though it's kind of a relief when they remorsefully come back ten minutes later asking for the direction...
  2. People not knowing the difference between a duty phone and a private phone. They call you on the private one because you turned off the duty phone, and then tall duty related People calling at any time of the day and thinking you have to answer because they are on duty and you are on off. People not understanding that no means no.

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