My husband’s birthday


Happy Birthday to the love of my life! Je t’aime mon amour! 

We celebrated my husband’s birthday on the 11th of October and I am glad he was here with us. The biggest birthday gift for him was that we could be all together and healthy and celebrate as a family. So of course I made an awesome chocolate cake the night before and it was served in the morning. Our son was so excited to blow out the candles with my husband. We had to re-lit these little candles twice. It was so cute to watch him being all determined and focused that it was even more exciting for us then for him. 

On the morning we woke up and had a nice breakfast/brunch/my cake at home as my husband wanted to. We drove to Chocopologie to get some of their awesome coffee and macarons.

The weather was great. Sun, sun and more sun so after my husband made all the birthday phone calls and answered emails we went to the beach. 


We spent the entire afternoon at Calf Pasture Beach’s beach and playground which was simply awesome. To see my son go down the slides and back up – climbing everything it made us so happy to watch. We got hungry and had a late lunch at Ripkas Beach Cafe. We had the lobster roll, the lobster bisque and of course some fries for the little guy. It was delicious.


There was even more  magic when the sun changed the color of the ocean and the leaves in the afternoon at the beach. We collected shells, stones and built sandcastles enjoying the sun and being together. We sat at the beach with our son. With. our. son! How awesome to even type this! All the adventures we have already lived, the journeys that are coming up are all just happy thoughts to this amazing life. It is not just us anymore when we celebrate our birthdays. Our son is celebrating right here with us. Our world has become a bigger, better place. As we all sat together at the beach it had become all so clear and made sense. 

It was a happy birthday indeed. We left the beach to do some shopping and drove back home to make dinner and end the night with a great movie. 

We have been together for almost four years now and these birthdays are getting better and better my love. <3 

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