.Tales Of A Six-Year-Old.

Recently, my son has more questions than usual. I like it. Sometimes it is just pure cuteness, sometimes baffling and other days absurd. Some days I am prepared, other days I am not when he gives me pieces of his inquisitive mind. Curious by nature, this child likes to explore and seek answers to appease his infinite curiosity. Again, I find all this very interesting. Especially the fact that children perceive everything through a viewpoint that is entirely different from an adult’s. I love his innocence which allows him to observe and learn things his own way, too. And with him, things can really get hilariously surprising when he starts sharing his insights and uncorrupted wisdom.

So, these days my son starts questioning the current ways of life as he tries to understand the reason behind everything. In other words, this is the phase when he starts bugging me with endless questions about random things. And if he is not satisfied with the answer, he will tell me exactly what is on his mind. Most of the time, his philosophical perception can really take me by surprise. If you also have a six-year-old, you will most certainly understand the challenge of dealing with their impeccable sagacity. If your child is younger, you have something to look forward to. Ha! Real below my son’s latest tales and questions if you would like. This is why I always carry my Moleskine notebook. And why I love him so much.

Joel: What is a Moleskine notebook?

Me: It is just a brand/a name of a journal or notebook.

Joel: Do they kill moles to make this journal? [gets watery eyes]


Joel: Do you know what I love?

Me: What, my love?

Joel: That every pencil has an eraser attached. Like they expect you to make mistakes which is kind of cool


Joel: I am too tired for this!

Me: For what?

Joel: [Points vaguely at a pile of toys I asked him to clean up]


Joel: May I have some apple juice?

Me: What are the magic words?

Joel: I can get it myself.

Me: there you go


Me: Joel, how do you think you could survive a bear attack?

Joel: I would try to be his friend and cuddle.


Joel: Mom, can I have a snack?

Me: Sure! Any fruit.

Joel: Strawberry icecream

Me: Try again.

Joel: Banana split


Me: sitting in the kitchen

[Dinosaur sound. Enraged death screech. Laser sound.]


Joel: Taking a bath. Why?


Joel: By the way, I broke up with my girlfriend.

Me: Everything ok?

Joel: Yep. We just realized we like different things. She likes to chat with girls and play with dolls and I like to build things and run around outside. So we decided to just be friends.


Joel toothbrush has a suction cup on the bottom so he stuck it on the tile wall and tried brushing hands-free. Classic.


Me: Do NOT lick the cat.

Joel: But she licked me.


Joel: I am so happy it’s the weekend tomorrow.

Me: Me too. Finally!

Joel: I can totally sleep in. Like until SEVEN!!!!

Me: ….


Joel: I cannot find my stuffed animal.

Me: [1 minute later] Here it is.

Joel: HOW did you find it?

Me: I looked.

Joel: …..


Me: Ready for school, Joel?

Joel: [in only underwear and his jeans wrapped around his neck like a scarf]. Almost.


I was on the phone with a friend discussing dinner plants when my son said: “Salad is ruining my life!”


Being a parent teaches you a lot about yourself. For example, my son told me this morning that I am not as funny as I think I am.


Joel: Why do bad guys always try to take over everything?

Me: They want to be in charge and make all the rules I guess.

Joel: Why don’t they become moms then?


Joel: What’s a humanitarian?

Joel’s friend Simon: It is like a vegetarian but they eat humans.

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