Beauty: Latest purchases

My family and I were on a little road trip the other day and I discovered the Anthropologie store in Westpoint/Connecticut. I love this store and all the little details about it. You can find anything to decorate House & Home, find the nicest vintage clothing along with a plethora of accessories and shoes. I recently shared that I am loving Barr. Co products these days and guess what? You can purchase them at Anthropologie! Yes! So it is tell and show time now because why would I buy anything new if I cannot share it here right? haha!

While I navigated through the store I instantly fell in love with these Monogram cups.


They are the perfect size for a nice cup of coffee and made out of stoneware. With the initials (available from A-Z) they make this cup just “my cup”. And his cup. We have been using them ever since I bought them. Please also note the book that is so comfortably resting next to the soap and hand creme. I purchases this as well mainly because of all the beautiful pictures, articles and interviews.


I would have stayed in the store a lot longer but while I was browsing and totally forgot what time it was my husband and son came in to “get me out of there” because they were hungry and wanted to go home. I will be back for sure – just to look around a bit. 🙂

Have a great weekend.



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