The Book Review – What Petit Joel Reads: They All Saw a Cat by Brendan Wenzel.


Hey out there. I try to keep my initial blog schedule alive and Sunday I usually wrote a book review. I have read tons of books lately; however, I would like to share what Petit Joel reads these days because I think this book is very cute and special. Reading to Petit Joel is so important to me that no matter what happened throughout the day, I read to him in the evening. And even if it is just a short story because it is already late. He loves it so much, curls up next to me and usually gets his favorite book out of the bookshelf when he realized it is getting dark outside. My sweet boy. 

So while discovering and exploring my new neighborhood, I found an amazing bookstore for kids. Kaleidoscope Kids Books.  I am working on a blog post just about all the independent bookstores I found in Ottawa so far, so stay tuned for that – especially if you are from around here and love to read. I literally go to all these places, take pictures, talk to the owner or sales person to find out as much as possible about this particular bookstore. My dream is still to own one myself so why not do a bunch of research while I can, right. 

At Kaleidoscope Kids Books I found They All Saw a Cat by Brendan Wenzel. What an amazing book, especially because these days I try to get Petit Joel to see things from other people’s perspectives. “You have to be quiet in a library or café,” I will tell him. “Maybe people had a rough day and just come here to relax.” Honestly, he has a hard time understanding this because he is still so tiny. 

I just love Brendan Wenzel’s new book, They All Saw a Cat. It is all about a cat, it’s walks through the world  and how other creatures perceive it differently. A child sees a cat differently than a fish while leering eyes though the fishbowl. Or a flea that just sees a pile of fur. I think it is really done in a clever child friendly way to show the power of perspective. 

If you got inspired and want to purchase this book you can do so at a local independent bookstore you choose or here. 

Honestly, I don’t feel like ordering anything online since I am in Canada. I love to go to all the places and discover. And I alway prefer physically going to a bookstore (oh that smell) than ordering online. This is just my opinion. Have  a great week. 

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