How to: Sleeping Beauty – Beauty Sleep Pillow Mist.


Hello and Happy Wednesday! 

Sleep is important. We all know how good it feels to wake up after a good night rest. Enough and mostly enough deep sleep is the beauty-101! While our body rests he also is pretty active. He restores cells and organs and organizes all the impressions we dealt with throughout the day. Many of my friends suffer from insomnia and they say it is not easy to unwind and fall asleep. I found this recipe and mixture online that I just spritz on my pillow here and there to fall asleep better and faster. For some reason it works, so I share it with you. I used essential oils that are good to make me fall asleep easier. Lavender, Ylang Ylang and orange calm spirit and emotions and give me a sweet, calm and restorative sleep. 



15 ml water

35 ml alcohol (I used 96% alcohol that I purchased in the pharmacy!) 

Essential Oils:

25 drops red Orange oil

20 drops Lavender

8 drops Ylang Ylang


How to:

Fill water, alcohol and essential oils in a spray bottle. Shake well.

Shake well before every use. Oil and water need to mix well. Spray the pillow mix in approximately 30 cm distance on the pillow

Even if you think the smell is not that intense, do not use more right away. They will get more intensive over time

Store the pillow mist at a dark and cool place and use it for up to 12 months.

Did you know that….

We learn while we sleep? When we are awake our brain works constantly. Well, with some people it is questionable – just saying.  There is just so much stimuli and the brain has to store it somewhere. When you sleep, there is time to save all this information in the long-term memory. Not only that; there is so much more happening. The memories will be put in new order and balanced or harmonized with new memories. They will be all connected to make sense again. So I guess, sometimes it is great to sleep over a difficult matter one night before making the final decision and don’t overthink it and stay up all night. The solution will come the next morning. 


Not really How-To-Wednesday-related but I want to share some pictures of today’s highlights. Today was perfect, even though there was rain here and there, but this most certainly does not stop me having fun. My son was so good all day. Even at The British Corner where I had cream tea, scones, clotted cream and marmalade with my dear friend Lisa. Best time! It made me realize again that we have been friends in forever without seeing each other that much, but as soon as we spend time together, the awesomeness and good feeling is all back. Instantly. I Love you, my dear. Thank you for this awesome day. To be repeated. Enjoy some pictures and have a good day/night. 



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