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Hello and Happy Friday! 

What would happen if we find out that the world is communicating to us in ways we are not ever aware of? Have you thought about this? This week was full of emotions, figuring myself out, discovering new things and love. My husband is here and we do a lot together as a “normal” family. My son is happy to have his father around. It is amazing to observe this bond and love these two have even though we are not spending too much time together for the past two years. Also, my husband bought me this lipstick and I am totally in love! This is one of the few red lipsticks I will finish until the last swipe. It is perfection! 


Reading: Currently I read Murakami’s The Strange Library. This book is beautifully illustrated and very special. I will share a post about it as soon as I finished it. I read The Wander Society by Keri Smith in one sitting because awesomeness! Check out my book recommendations here if you haven’t read it yet. My husband brought me a bunch of books from the United States and I was so happy about it. One book – Wreck and Order by Hannah Tennant-Moore will be reviewed for BloggingForBooks soon. So stay tuned for that.  Many late night reading sessions  curled up together on the couch will be on the agenda. I attended a fantastic reading by Heidi Fischer at Riemann Bookstore. She introduced her latest book Der Verlorenen Mann and ended with a Nepalese dinner for all the guests. It was fantastic. 


Watching: My husband and I love Family Guy. We watched the latest episodes from Season 14 and they are hilarious. He also watched Daddy’s Home (which he is, yaaay!) with headphones on while I read. He did point out some funny parts in the movie and I cried laughing. Will Ferrel is the best! Hands down! Some other movies are on our “To-Watch-List”. 

Listening to/Enjoying: My son! He talks so much these days and asks so many questions. I love it. He is so cute and wants everything explained. I actually just came back from a dinner with two of my best friends whom I know since 7th grade in school. With Julia I am in touch almost throughout all these years and Nicole I recently “found again” on Facebook. We met at Barcelona in Coburg which is a Tapas Bar with tons of good food and drinks. We had such a good time catching up and talking tons about the good old times. Perfect evening! 

Discovering/Learning: That I have to listen to my body and give it all some rest once in a while. To not get too aggressive about things I cannot change and just take it easy. I don’t want to get upset so easily anymore; to the point of a personal inner nuclear meltdown I mean. MOMA is one of my favorite museums so far. I found out about this amazing Edgar Degas exhibit through Sunday, July 24th. Also this exhibit of Jackson Pollock’s work. Wow! He is one of my favorite artists for sure! 

Have you been at the Whitney in the Meatpacking District? I have been told that the old buildings has become an extension of the Metropolitan Museum. They also expanded the contemporary collection. It is now called the Met Breuer and the first exhibit is called “Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible”. As the name suggests, you will see a collection of  unfinished artwork from artists all throughout history. 

Loving: Victor Cornet’s blog Paris Blogger. Do check out his blog and see how a French blogger is lost between Paris and the US. And yes, he is family, and addicted to Coke. <3 What is French and fantastic? My husband, and Macarons! Have you ever been to the Macaron Café in New York City? Fernando Pessoa. What a writer! I discovered this author in 2003 when I read The Book of Disquiet. Back then it did not mean all too much to me but re-reading certain passages now is so great. My intuition communicates with me in a different way now and I feel things that I have not felt before while reading Pessoa. 

How has your week been? What have you been up to? What have you seen and discovered? I would love to hear from you. 

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