Something for your Stomach, your Eyes and your Brain.

Hello and Happy Tuesday! 

These days I am diving deep into the art world, especially when I watch all these good videos on Vimeo. I have written a post on one of my favorite artists, Jackson Pollock already. Read it here.  I think his art is fantastic and that he is one of the most famous abstract artists and inspiring painter out there. He did not only love to paint, but also to entertain, host parties and cook. (and drink and smoke tons of cigarettes) I was even more thrilled when I heard about a Jackson Pollock Cookbook. It actually came out in March 2015 but for some reason it slipped by. Well, better late than never, right! 

“Dinner with Jackson Pollock features more than fifty recipes collected from handwritten pages scrawled by Jackson; his wife, artist Lee Krasner; his mother, Stella; or traded among their many friends in the town of Springs on Long Island, interspersed with Jackson s masterworks, still life of the Pollock-Krasner home, and beautiful photographs of each delectable recipe, plus delightful tales from Jackson and Lee s family and local friends, for a truly unique and insightful portrait of a great American artist.”

I do love to cook and with this great piece of art, cooking is even better and more fun. In this book are 50 recipes from him or friend and family photos combined with a great collections of some of his drawings and paintings.  Do you like to cook and what is your famous dish? If you are inspired by the book, order your copy here. 

I also will introduce three great apps to train your brain. Have you heard about Lumosity yet? This is so awesome and I am hooked. I do not like to play games on my phone anymore. Yes, there was a time, but honestly, I have better things to do now and actually not that much time anymore since my son was born. But when I find good apps to train my brain I find it challenging and exciting to see how far I can take it. Lumosity is simply great and the app is free and available to install on iTunes. Watch this video about it here:

The other brain training app I would like to introduce is Elevate and can be installed for free via iTunes here. I do spend time on my (oh so smart)phone here and there and these nice little apps at least train my brain. Isn’t it amazing that all these things are available to us? I do remember those times when I sat down in the kitchen to solve crossword puzzles from the local newspaper with a pen. Well, this is still great too. Elevate actually won a bunch of awards and was designed to strengthen brain functions in several areas. Writing, speaking, listening and math. (Yeah, Yeah, Jean and Thomas, I know! 2 2/1 years but ONE thing I know for sure: Statistics!) What I also love about this app is that it keeps track of progress and gives you more challenging questions and tasks the faster your performance improves. 

Last, I have to admit that I am addicted to TWO DOTS. 

What is the point of this game? Simply to connect the dots and sink an anchor. Download it for free here for your iPhone. I just cannot stop playing this game – it is crazy. It reminds me of the time when I came home from work one day and told my husband about CandyCrush. We ALL know CandyCrush! Well, he did not want to play it because he said he only uses his phone to work and not to play stupid games. Two days later I came home and heard the Candy Crush sound from the bathroom. Yep, hooked and it took a long time for him to quit which was so fun to watch. Well, I am sorry my love but you have to install TWO DOTS now, hah! It is all fun, right? I am currently trying to solve level 15 and I am totally stuck by the way. 😀 

What apps do you have installed on your phone? Which ones do you recommend? I would love to hear from you. 

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