Five Things.

Happy Friday! 

The other day I took a walk late in the afternoon and heard the birds chirping. It instantly reminded me of spring and that another change of season is not too far away. We worked in my parents garden all day long today. My parents had some projects and since my husband is still here he can help my dad to get all of it accomplished. I loved the silence, peace, and nature. Nature just makes me happy and content. I can meditate by carrying tree trunks and branches up the hill for hours and it is all good. Sweaty and tired we came back home and finished this day with an awesome dinner. Bread, cheese, sausages and meat chopped up and an amazing fish dips – it was heaven. I will share the recipe soon. What a perfect day in nature. I love it. Back to Nature for sure!  My son is exhausted and sleeps safe and sound. Read what I have been up to during the week. 

Reading: Currently, I am reading The Sea Close by by Albert Camus. I am also into Silvia Plath’s The Bell Jar and I am loving it. I read it twice already but it is an inspiration of words and style every time.  I also like This awesome website.  And this one. 

Watching/Listening: My husband and I finally watched Room. What an awesome movie. We were glued to the screen and I could not believe that all this is actually happening out there, even though I know better. I listened to Here’s the Thing which is awesome. A video of this amazing chair. Awesomeness! Read this  on what runners are thinking. 

Looking forward to: Since we worked in the garden all day long I imagined how our  land and garden will look in Canada. How we will work there and grow our vegetables. How we start permaculture . How we built our house and everything else on the land. I cannot wait. Pure nature is what I prefer most. Also this amazing spaghetti pie. Yum! 

Learning: Have you heard of “The Kitchn” This is a store entirely free of packaging. “No bags, Styrofoam, plastic, or paper just bulk-style food. Fill your own containers with grains, spices, and even wine and beer”. Isn’t this awesome?  I have been to a store with my mom today and realized when we made dinner that there is so much packaging we threw away. All this plastic  containers, wrappers and such. I also heard about this great website. I love tea and I do prefer over coffee. Check out this great website and their  products. I also learned about this test which evaluates  your knowledge of British and Irish accent. I also learned about that it is a miracle that we ever met. When I chopped some onions today I thought about how it is ever possible to not cry. Read this. Finally, I worry constantly and I would love to get this under control. I enjoyed reading this article. 

Thinking about: That it has been almost one year that I started this blog. Actually, I started it on 22 March 2015 with this first article. I learned so much, played with and changed things on this website. It is an amazing tool so far to get my thoughts out there and I enjoy to write every single day. Maybe I will change the theme and layout of this website soon. I am searching for something better but I have not found it yet.

I also think about our traveling coming up and about our garage that was flooded due to a broken water pipe. Am I angry or concerned? Am I up all night thinking about it? Nope. It is all okay. You know why? We have to take less to Canada when we move. It is all okay. Minimalism and materialistic baggage. Always seeing the positive. Life is good and I believe everything happens for a reason. I also think about my son and his exploding vocabulary. He talks to so much and so clearly that it makes me tear up sometimes. So much love. 

Have a great weekend! 

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