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I haven’t shared an update on my little guy recently so I will do so today and tell you what is going on these days. We are traveling a lot recently. We started our trip by picking my husband up from the airport and left the next day for Canada. My husband continues his training in Ottawa but has the weekend off to study, so we thought he can also work at the beach and hopped on the next plane to Mexico/Cancun. Our son loves to travel. He likes being in the car and plane rides are a piece of cake by now. He has his own seat on the plane since he turned two years old so no more numbness in my legs throughout the entire flight while he jumps up and down on me. This was pretty annoying – plus he weighs 16 kg (35 lbs). I wrote an article on how to fly with a toddler/baby and on how to survive road trips with these little rascals if you would like to read. There are some useful tips and tricks to make it easier for them and of course yourself, based on my experience.

My son has traveled and seen a lot already but he never stayed  at an all-inclusive hotel. The Hyatt Ziva in Cancun is a great hotel and kids-friendly. I am working on a huge review of and for the hotel so stay tuned for that.

This time, the flight was easy and just four hours long. My son as entertained by other passengers, the little touch-screen in the seat in from of him, the food tray (he put it up and down about a million times), the blinds to close the windows (you can also put them up and down many times) and the food/drinks cart with all the apple juice. I met a nice woman on the plane who sat behind us. She traveled with her daughter to Mexico and we talked for a while and my son became a bit annoying. She told me about these motion sickness pills (Canadian Brand – Gravol Kids) that she gives her daughter sometimes and besides making you not through up, calm the kids down a bit. 😀 We tried it and it worked so well. You can just get these pills over the counter so there is nothing too bad in them.  My son calmed down and actually fell asleep for a about 45 minutes. I won’t give it to him anymore unless it is really necessary. An eight-hour flight to Germany. Or Congo – just to make it easier for him.

It is just awesome to be fortunate and able to spend time with my family at a beach in Mexico. I really do think I am pretty lucky, you guys. Especially to stay at this beautiful hotel and all these places we explore. This is how we deal with the sleeping situation in a hotel room:

Our son shares the room with us and it is not a problem at all – even though I thought it would be in the beginning. At home, he usually sleeps in his own room. Actually, since he is born! When he was a baby, I figured that I am rather getting up in the middle of the night to breastfeed him and go to his room than having him in my bed all night long. This was and is the only time I really do have for myself and I don’t want to worry about crushing him. Also, he turns a lot when he sleeps so there is no time for me to rest really. I also read a night in bed with my light on and he prefers total darkness and quiet. Win-win I would say. What do you do with your kids? Where do they sleep? They sleep in your bed? How does all this work out for you and your husband/boyfriend?

So as I am typing this, my husband is on the bed working and studying and my son is in his little crib in the small hallway of our room. Of course I have to keep the lights off initially until he falls asleep but then I turn a small light back on – like my cellphone. I just don’t want him to wake up. This is my me-and sacred time. We put a bathrobe over the crib so it is nice and dark for him and he sleeps until at least 9am. Jackpot!

We met this really nice couple here at the hotel who have a 15 months-old-son. So the kids could play and we talked more or less normally while making sure the babies are not taking the place apart. We talked about how everything changes once you have kids. Two years ago, I have been to this hotel (Previously Dreams Cancun) with my husband on our honeymoon and it was so different. We slept in, went to breakfast/more brunch let’s say, and chilled all day at the pool bars. And of course you don’t go to bed at 9pm.

Now, our son is up between 8am-9am; thankfully not too early these days and he is hungry. And he wants to be entertained,  Yes, you have to spend time at the KIDZ Club. But you know what? It is all okay. It is different but okay! And you meet other parents with kids! So I sit with my friend and her son in the KIDZ Club pool with water so warm that it feels like a bathtub; pretty uncomfortable thinking you are in hot and sunny Cancun. All these kids around me, the noise, the slides, the splashing and a floater (in the pool, just put a swimming diaper on your kid!) and I am dreaming of my cocktail that is waiting at the pool bar because you are not allowed to bring alcohol to the kids area. Who makes these rules? 🙂

But you know what? I love it! I love love love my son! It is so much different from when he was a baby and it gets better and better. Even though he is super fixated on me but I will write about this separately. At the end of the day I find just some sort of deep contentment and I know I made his day good and he is sleeping now safe and sound; to tired from being in the ocean and pool all day long and building sand castles. Oh, I think he just woke up… It might be time for a little lullaby.

Thank you for reading my blog. 

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