We found each other.

It is late and I still feel I want to write something and officially start my blog. I was just thinking about marriage, and how, when you really think about it, it’s pretty crazy that two people choose just one person to spend all of their life with. I mean it’s not crazy to me on my own personal level, but the whole broader concept is slightly crazy. To find that other person in this big world that just gets you and your weird ways, and you get them and their weird ways, to me that seems like the biggest lottery win ever. Jean and I talk about that often, discussing how wild it is to find your person, out of all the people of the world. Would your person still be your person if your circumstances change? My question is if you would find that person no matter what, or would you never know, and settle into a different life with somebody else, never knowing the difference?

I was just thinking about Jean and all of the little things he does that maybe he does not even notice he does, that mean more than anything to me. I believe that in any good marriage this is how it goes – you just know what the other person needs.

Now that we have been together for a couple of years I finally get it. I understand what it means to be in love and to have found your other better half. more than I ever did before. I always has this feeling that he was the one for me and that I loved him from the beginning in this special way. Now we  have been together awhile and everything that was so fresh and new goes away and life gets tough again. We deal with problems together now and figure out a way to solve them. Together, not alone anymore and there are only solutions.  I never thought anything like this would ever happen to me. Now I see us getting older together and grow together. We became parents and our love grew stronger.  Thank you for encouraging me to start this blog Jean! Let’s start the adventures.  Je t’aime mon amour.

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