The Book Review: “The Life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo

“I have come to the conclusion that my passion for tidying was motivated by a desire for recognition from my parents and a complex concerning my mother. Being the middle child of three siblings, I did not get much attention from my parents after the age of three. Of course, this was not intentional, but being sandwiched between my oder brother and the youngest child, my little sister, I could not help but feel this way” – Marie Kondo

I am into decluttering and minimalism as you might be aware of by now. I have read a plethora of books on those subjects but this particular one kept on popping up in my inbox so I bought it and hopped on the Kondo-bandwagon. Everybody in this world – it seems has read this book. Three million copies sold it says on the cover on the book right? Well, let’s start reviewing it while it is still fresh on my mind.

If you have never read anything about decluttering or minimalism and want a book to start, you should start with this one instead. Joshua Fields Millburn is amazing.

Kondo has some great ideas to help organizing and help decluttering I think. But, since I have read so much about it already it seems to me that all she does is repeat herself and if she doesn’t, the book just seems strange. She is giving some advice here and there and the quote I put from the book just fits right into the weirdness. She loved organizing, cleaning and throwing things away since she was ten years old. Say whaaaat? Yep, I mean when I was ten, the worst thing was to clean up but it was all good because we did it eventually all together (my brother, sister and I) but we did not read magazines on changing our rooms, or re-decorating things.  One weird part about the book was when she explained what she does when she comes home after work. All her belonging have a place in her home. And she talks to them and thanks them for serving her this particular day. She says good night to some items, and usually takes all her things out of her purse to give the purse a rest or sort. She gives her socks a rest because they were on her feet all day long. Ahem… cough cough!

Marie Kondo also organizes and cleans houses and apartment and she described stories about her clients. When she arrives at a new client’s house she bows down at the entrance to greet the house and to say thank you for allowing her to clean it.  Also that if you clean and declutter it cleans the body of toxins. Well, in a way I think she might have a point but then again… not! Of course it is nice to make more room, clean up and to know where everything is. The way she writes I think she does not have children. If I would come home from work after a long day while dragging my son behind me,  all I really want is my husband, some food and a glass of red wine. I don’t really think about placing my purse at the “purse-place” after taking everything out of it so the purse and items can rest until the next day. Or bow down at the entrance to welcome my home. She mentioned also that she puts her dishes outside so she does not need a dish rack because the sunlight and wind can do the job. Plus you can “hang sponges outside, such as on the veranda” so they don’t sit around the sink I reckon. Where do you put your sponges after you cleaned the dishes? 🙂

I donated a lot of my clothing and even dropped of some books at the local library. However, folding my underwear and socks? I think this is for people who have all the time in the world.

So after watching this video you get a pretty decent picture of how this woman “ticks”.

Overall, although there are some helpful tips on how to clean, declutter and organize your life and home, this book is mostly funny. I am still thinking about all the sponged hanging outside to dry on my porch. So make sure you don’t hurt your sock’s feelings okay!

Does this book “spark joy”? Not really for me I must say. Maybe you would like to read it? Or you read it and want to share your thoughts? In any case, if you want my copy I will send it to you for free. 😉

You can order the book in German here. 

Thank your for reading my blog.

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