.Sustainable Home.

Practical Projects, tips and advice for maintaining a more eco-friendly household.

We are part of the Earth. Beyond the walls of our physical, man-made homes lies a unique environment perfectly suited for our survival, and ultimately our success. From their beginning, humans have utilized all this environment has to offer in order to thrive – revelling in its plenty, and growing strong on its treasures. As our species evolved, we learned to innovate, all in an attempt to improve our quality of life.

Revolutions in science and medicine led to industrialization and massive population growth. Sprawling cities emerged, and technologies for dealing with modern life’s desires and requirements developed at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, in the process, we lost touch and sight of our natural origins. Our connection with the planet that enabled our rise in the first place grew weaker and weaker, and th result has had devastating consequences on our environment and the creatures we walk the Earth with.

Caring for the planet may seem a mammoth one, and it’s easy to think that the actions of a single person can have little to no impact. However, this is not the case – progressive changes to everyday actions can do your planet and yourself a world of good. So where to start?

Your home is a sacred space. Hopefully a place of comfort, enjoyment, peace and wellbeing. It is within our homes that we build our livelihoods, establish our daily routines, and spend time with loved ones. It’s likely that your home is the place you will spend most of your life, even if your “home” moves from place to place. Our home routines are prime opportunities for sustainable change. I will focus on the four main rooms of the home, the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom and include information, advice and projects for living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. As you read, you will find that actions in one room can easily be applied to others. I will also include personal tips on sustainable living beyond the home – sustainability doesn’t have to end on the doorstep.

This category was inspired by my own decision to live simply and sustainably – simply, as I have been on a journey to slow down and live more consciously, but also sustainably, as I find that what is good for our planet is also good for us as individuals. It’s taken me a few years to determine what a sustainable lifestyle looks like, but I think now is a good time to share my best practices and tips in a digestible format.

While we are all different, it is my hope that you will find more than a few golden nuggets that will give you the push to get started on your own sustainable journey. For myself, living an eco-conscious lifestyle of greater intentionality and simplicity has led to personal growth and fulfilment in my everyday actions. Although it is a complex journey of continuous learning, investigation, and problem-solving, I invite you to join me on this rewarding venture in creating a sustainable home. May the following words and thoughts encourage you to be the change you want to see.

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