.Litte Fires Everywhere.

I love lists. Writing them has something satisfying so I will share one of my latest ones here with you but first something pretty big happened in my life the other day which will push me in a new direction. I have always been a person who embraces life and rolls with its punches but the last year and trip around the sun was a rather difficult one for me to swallow. This summer especially has been an interesting, albeit emotional, yet somewhat beautiful season for my son and I but now it is time to move in a new direction.

When I decided to move back to Germany it was one of the greatest birthday gifts I could have given myself. I spent my days walking, meeting friends, popping into my favorite bookstore and discovering new ones. I spent my time reading and soaking up the sun whenever I got a chance. I had no expectations, nowhere to be, and no commitments in place even though my brain worked, in a seemingly relaxed stage, to figure things out for the future. Does this sound like a dream to you? It truly felt like one. This time away from Canada helped me settle much of my pain, stress, worry-state of mind or whatever that was and pushed me forward to say: bring it on, I am ready! Are you curious what else I did? I am learning a new language and will publish my second book in a week or two. Superwoman with superpowers? You bet!

And here is my latest survival list for you if you would like to read:

  1. Mental clarity: Drink a lot of water. Get sun. Practise Yoga. Be nice to the neighbors. Cook from home as often as possible. Read and buy more books. Take care of your skin and go to bed early.
  2. Work hard. Play hard. Work harder. Play harder. In that exact order.
  3. Do things that scare you and make you step out of your comfort zone because this is how you grow.
  4. Whenever in doubt, throw on jeans, a white t-shirt, and TOMS shoes. Done.
  5. Take your time. Relax.
  6. Always go with your guts!
  7. Choose your friends wisely. Surround yourself with people who make you happy.
  8. Singing and dancing to your favorite song will cure any bad mood.
  9. Do not wear too much make-up. It will dry out your skin.
  10. It is okay to admit that you are wrong.
  11. Educate yourself. Pay attention to what is going on in the world around you and form educated opinions. Help others. Donate your time. Sign up for programs at universities.
  12. A hangover is not really worth it but sometimes the party is just too good.
  13. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  14. Get off your stupid phone, go outside, play and live your life.
  15. Learn how to cook and know at least three delicious recipes by heart.
  16. Wear whatever you damn well please and what makes you happy.
  17. Never rub your eyes after chopping jalapeños.
  18. Call your parents/grandparents and tell them you love them.
  19. Keep in mind that the most interesting thing about you is how you look and stop counting calories. Invest in health and wisdom.
  20. The skeletons from your past made you who you are. Don’t regret.
  21. It does not matter what other people think of you.
  22. Don’t ever piss off people who bring you cold, heat, mail or food.
  23. Every woman should own a vibrator.
  24. Try that thing you are curious about no matter what it may be: a new food, a new style, a new hair color, a new hobby, a new career path.
  25. Always speak to your children the way you would like to be spoken to.
  26. Fall down, get up, move on. Rinse, lather, but don’t necessarily repeat.
  27. Live debt-free. The feeling is amazing.
  28. Find the humor in the situation.
  29. Focus on your values instead of your fears.
  30. Accept the past, but fight for the future.

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