.Sometimes Raw – The Book.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

can I please have your attention for this public service announcement: OH MY GOD, I WROTE A BOOK. 

The title: Sometimes Raw – Balance is key and moderation is my friend. Sometimes. I love that title but I love the cover more. I can finally share all this with my readers since I kept it sort of secret for quite some time. The book was in a very raw stage, many changes needed to be made and I did not find a publisher who would print it the way I wanted. But now the secret is out. I was so thrilled and over the top when the first copy of my book arrived at my new home today, when I had it in front of me, smelled it and flipped back and forth through the pages. It was epic.

What is the book about: 

I have written a bunch of essays on my lifestyle in general, about simplifying life, about being a mother, about creating that life I am passionate about, inspirations, health and being a better version of myself. I just did not want to focus only on one thing but rather cover many aspects of (my) life. I also shared many personal topics by connecting them to my readers. Sort of like memories such as when I discovered something about my life or when I threw out all my childhood diaries and had this urge to start a new folder every time something major happened. Those certain epiphany moments we all know too well and think about it but don’t say it.

The Amazon description I wrote is: 

With poignant candor, humor, and thought-provoking articles, essayist and blogger Daniela Henry writes about emotional and powerful thoughts on parenting, travels, books, and inspiration while chronicling her life with her own ups and downs. Smart, edgy, hilarious, sometimes raw and unabashed raunchy, Henry explodes onto the printed page in her first book. You will learn about minimalism, how not to kill your child(ren), how to save money, about love, about life, and how to be happy because you only have this one life. Sometimes you just have to laugh, even when your life is a complete dumpster fire.


I was very happy and excited about writing the book in the first place and putting it together with my publisher. Definitely, one of the most fun things I have ever done in my life. The reason I wanted this book to be a “real” book instead of publishing digital is that I love the physical copy of a book more than anything else. If you don’t know this by now:  I read a lot, a lot, a lot. Whenever I have the time or wherever I am, a physical version of a book is usually close by. I just love flipping through books, smelling them, touching them; it is an obsession.

What I hope to achieve with my book is that you get comfortable somewhere, have some nice music on, a cup of coffee, eat some chocolate (or don’t do anything at all) and read a copy of Sometimes Raw which may transfer you into a relaxed, thought-provoking or inspirational mode and makes you reflect and think.

Now I am no longer the consumer of books, but I am also the producer which feels pretty awesome. Actually, I am working on my second book already. When I held the first draft in my hand today it felt like giving birth – which it also is in a way. I was nervous but also so excited. Most of you guys know, I love writing. And publishing a book for a writer is a dream come true. Being an avid reader, publishing my own book was on my bucket list for a long time. I tell my son all the time how amazing it would be to see my book on a bookshelf whenever we are at a bookstore.

Now I am a published author. It is just like: check. Off the list. Simple as that. On to the new book. I really want to thank all my blog readers and the support I have gotten to make this happen. If you decide to purchase my book, make sure you read the acknowledgment page first! You may have been mentioned.

My publisher wanted me to highlight that I wrote this book in English, even though this is not my first language. My first language is German. I was always pretty decent at speaking English but writing was a different story. At this point, I also want to say Hi to my English teacher in 5th grade, Mr. Karches, who thought I will never ever be able to master grammar or to write an essay sufficiently in English.

You can order the book here:

Canada: Sometimes Raw – The book 

United States:  Sometimes Raw- The book      

and at Barnes and Noble

Germany: Sometimes Raw – The book. 

UK: Sometimes Raw – The Book (WaterStones) 

on Amazon.uk

Around the world: BookDepository

and Booktopia

or in your favorite bookstore or library. It would make me extra happy to know my book is in more libraries.

I will have a book signing coming up in Ottawa and several copies on display in bookstores worldwide. Announcements and dates will be shared on this website. My publisher and I are working on a “booktour”. How insane is that?!

Honestly, I am still totally overwhelmed in the best way possible right now. Today,  I just spent the day with my son celebrating in style. “Garlicky bites” were involved. It is a milestone I want to remember forever.

Fun fact:  My publisher told me that people have placed orders in 21 countries: Canada, Germany, USA, Mexico, Ireland, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore. How awesome is that?!

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