I received emails the other day from blog readers who told me they noticed something on the blog. It has not been the first time I received a message like this; however, those are more frequent these days. When I read one of these particular emails, I paused and re-read it. The person asked me what had changed in my life by pointing out that I don’t write daily anymore and also that the amount of personal information I share significantly changed. Whenever I share pictures or information on Instagram about Petit Joel for example I get a plethora of comments how this small update is so great and that it has been so long since they last saw him. 

How much is too much sharing of personal details and life online? Sharing personal things on a blog that has quite a number of readers is viewed skeptically here these days. So, it is true, I made some changes to this blog. I want to focus more on what is going on in my head, thoughts that arise, things I experienced as well as new ideas, and skeptical and thought-provoking topics. My husbands or son’s life is really not mine to tell. Petit Joel is 3 1/2 years old now and as we moved and time went on, I have been pulling back more and more in a way to share details or post tons of pictures of him here. I had a conversation the other day at daycare with a mom who showed me her Instagram account proudly with pictures of her daughter almost naked in the bathtub. Her daughter is 4 years old. It is all about choices, I reckon, even though, this is in my opinion not okay. 

I still take pictures but I am more selective in what I show and share online in public forums as well as what I write. My number one job here is to protect this little guy and I wonder sometimes if I did the right thing when I shared so much about him in the earlier days of this blog. I enjoy writing, blogging, telling stories and I like to connect with other people; however, I had this feeling that it was time to slow down on information sharing a bit and to keep personal stories where they belong – to the family. As I grew along with this blog I figured out and learned what works best for us and of course I believe that there is a way to integrate my family into the blog – with mindfulness and thought. The key here is to make this blog more “me-centered” rather than putting too much emphasis and focus on my husband or my son. This is my blog and my story but it is also tricky because they are my family and it is just a fine line of privacy to consider and to keep in mind when I write. 



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