Forty Things About Me.

Hey There! 

I have received a bunch of requests to write and share more about me. More about this person who sits at the computer every single day and types a post on this blog. Who is she? What does she like? What are her favorite places? So I thought, it would be interesting and something different than my usual posts and share some insights about myself with all of you. Enjoy! 

  1. I was born and raised in Coburg/Germany but hated it as a child. I always wanted to move somewhere else, somewhere bigger, somewhere nicer. So I moved to Würzburg, then Munich and now NYC but deep inside I love this peace and quiet that a small town brings. I do need change from time to time so I don’t have the feeling to settle down forever anywhere at this point. 
  2. I love myself and listen to my body. 
  3. My family means everything to me.
  4. I loved my husband unconditionally but it did not work out afterall. 
  5. I don’t have a favorite sport team but I do enjoy watching  Brose Baskets
  6. I don’t mind getting older. I enjoy every second I am able to experience and learn something new on this planet.
  7. I learned at a pretty young age that life is too short to waste time being stuck in something that leads to nothing or just to a routine that you deep inside detest but just do for the money. 
  8. I love to travel and see the world. I would constantly travel if I could. My 2 1/2 year-old son travels with me/us at all times and was never a reason not to discover the world. 
  9. I love to put my hand into flower jars. But also into the bag of wheat seeds [not weed, hah!] my parent’s have in the basement. Is this weird for you? Not for me. 
  10. One of my favorite movies is Vie Heroique with Serge Gainsbourg. I watch it at least once a month. 
  11. I would love to fluently speak French and Japanese. And I will. 😉
  12. Some of my friends don’t want to be my friends anymore because they don’t understand my way of living. “All this traveling, all this happiness, life is not happy sunshine all the time!” Hell, yes! 
  13. I am jealous of Joel, my brother-in-law, who can listen to any instrument and play it after a short while. Or sit at the piano and play anything by just hearing it. Awesomeness and so talented.
  14.  I only have a hand-full of real friends. However, I do consider a lot of people my friends. 
  15. I was in a Volleyball team, Handball team, Swimming team and Karate team when I was a child. In 4th grade I received an award for being the best athlete in the entire elementary school. The plaque still hangs in the school. Yay! 
  16. This song makes me really happy. I can listen to this on repeat for hours. But also this one.  
  17. I love my husband’s French Onion Soup. You try one bowl, you are hooked. So delicious.
  18. From the first time my son sat up on his own I had this feeling that I want to tackle him. Strong kid! 
  19. I get a bunch of my recipe ideas from this blog. Awesome food, easy to make, healthy and cheap. 
  20. I love to read. I read so much until my eyes are red sometimes. I just cannot stop whenever a book is good and has me sucked in. 
  21. One of my favorite ghost stories is The Turn of the Screw by Henry James.  My favorite author however is Philip Roth. 
  22. I am a night owl these days taking full advantage of my son’s sleeping rhythm. He sleeps from 9 pm until 10.30 am the next day. I am up usually until 1 or 2 am. 
  23. Studying language was always the thing I wanted to do but I ended up becoming a cop. Strange how things work out sometimes. 
  24. Writing is my passion but my book comes along slowly. I am patient. Good things take time. 
  25. I love pralines and red wine. LOVE IT. It just goes together so well. While I was pregnant I was addicted to Kinderriegel. 
  26. I enjoy rollerblading and ice skating. 
  27. I love being a woman but I think that men have it easier on so many levels. (Pregnancy and birth are just two!)
  28. I have a bunch of tattoos and I don’t regret any of them. 
  29. I had a bunch of piercings, too and took them all out. I regretted all of them. 
  30. I love to make smoothies in the morning for breakfast. Easy, fast, healthy and so yummy. 
  31. I love building things with my son. We both have crazy imagination. 
  32. I had a blackberry for the longest time and liked it. Then my husband bought me the iPhone6. Damn you Apple and husband. This is awesome! I catch myself being on Pinterest while being on the toilet. 
  33. I adore Mischa Schenkel’s art work. I think he has a lot of talent.
  34. Current obsessions: Trying to make Macarons. I tried four times today to make the shells. I will give it another shot tomorrow and if it does not work out the book + utensils are in the garbage. Is there a place in Coburg where I can get some fresh Macarons? 
  35. I read the news but I don’t read the news. It is all so depressing and sad out there and I don’t want to ruin my day early in the morning. 
  36. Currently, my favorite places are: Martinique, Paris, Hawaii, Montreal, Ottawa and Cancun 
  37. I couldn’t live without: My passport
  38. How I stay sane: Spending time with my son, my husband, in nature, traveling, small moments, photography, reading, writing and doing nothing just listening to my breath
  39. Advice I can give: Travel or move across the world to a place where you don’t know anybody. Tough, but best experiences ever. 
  40. I do whatever makes me feel good. It is just that simple. 
  41. I have no clue about math or statistics. (My brother told me that I have to add this!) 


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