Go The-F**k to Sleep.

Hello and Happy Hump-Day! 

It is 9.30pm in Germany and I just came out of my son’s room to read him his two bedtime stories. Usually he is in bed earlier but we are traveling and my husband, Emma his daughter and I are sitting in the kitchen, talking, looking at pictures so petit Joel wants to be up and with us of course. And we let him. Because he is cute. But there is just this time at night that I want for myself. To write, research and read. The entertainment program for my son is going on all day and nighttime is me-time. 

On a daily basis we do have a somewhat “normal” routine down and I think that this is a good thing for kids, no? It did take some time however and with our traveling schedule it is sometimes difficult but we do manage okay. Things are pretty easy these days as far as bedtime routine goes. (My picky-eater son is eating everything since we are in Germany) I remember how many books and articles I read on babies and raising kids when I was pregnant. Thinking about how I am going to do everything differently and better with my child, you know. And then, well, the baby arrived and things changed completely.  A little tip for anybody who is pregnant or wants to be pregnant: Don’t read too many book on children, breastfeeding and all this good stuff. You don’t know how things will be until your child is born, so don’t sweat it and get yourself all worked-up. Everything will fall into place somehow. Believe me, I worried about everything. 

Normally, petit Joel goes to bed between 8 and 8.30pm so I start giving him his dinner an hour before that. He eats whatever I give him these days which is easy. Sometimes a slice of bread with butter and cheese, cucumber slices and something to drink (water mixed with a bit of apple juice). Here in Berlin we have a bathtub and he loves to take a bath with tons of bubbles. This makes him tired. Here, I try to give him a bath after his dinner. Otherwise we take showers together or I just wash him with a washcloth. I wrap him in a towel to dry him off and apply this awesome cream I made. Then I brush his teeth and he starts to wind down. He then picks out two books every night and I read to him. Sometimes my husband does it too – in English. But honestly, I do love to bring him to bed on my own and have this little snuggle-time alone. I read to him every single night, no matter what. He is so used to this routine and I love it. I enjoy watching him being interested in books. [The book ‘Go the F***k to Sleep’ really exists by the way and I did purchase it but when I read it to my son I leave the F-word out obviously]

I love him so much and he is the sweetest when I read to him. All he wants is “another one” and me to stay with him. As soon as I put him in his bed and say good night he totally loses it. [Think The Exorcist here!] He cries and cries and wants me to come back. All I am thinking is, that it is me-time at this point and that he is up in 10-12 hours again. He stops crying after 5-10 minutes and falls asleep. This is it. Our little bedtime routine. 

Just in case you don’t want to get the book here is the YouTube clip. The story read by Samuel L. Jackson. Can this get any better? 😉 

How do you bring your kids to bed? What is your routine? I would love to hear from you. Any tips on how my son’s crying  every night might stop? Mom’s have to stick together here.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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  1. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog. An excellent read. I will definitely be back.

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